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MortgageExchange™, the next logical step in software interfaces

       data-integration-300x157-1.jpg   You have built a solid Mortgage Department.  You have gathered software tools that are at the top in the industry. Your team likes the tools and are ready to work.  Except, during implementation you start hitting snags.  You find that your team is needing to hand key data across your system.  Perhaps some data will flow across systems, but not all the fields you require. This slows down the efficiency level you expected and opens up the possibility of key-entry error.  

ABT Selected to Speak at 2015 Annual MBA Connference

If you are a Mortgage Company owner… Pay Attention!!!

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for Mortgage Companies

Forget Disaster Recovery. What are you doing to ensure Business continuity?

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ABT provides Habitat for Humanity Pinellas County's, Mortgage Servicing Solution



Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County, Florida (HHPC)

  • Using ABT’s unique hosting and managed services for D+H Servicing Director for over 2 years
  • Implemented Calyx PointCentral in the past quarter, for their loan originations.      
  • Both systems are hosted, managed and integrated by ABT
  • ABT provides access anywhere at any time on any computer system (PC and Mac) as well as tablets.
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ABT Re-Releases Our Facebook Page


Did you go to CAMP this Summer?

            Not sure what your summer has been like, but here at ABT we went to CAMP            

Accenture Mortgage Cadence and ABT

Just got back from the 2014 Accenture Mortgage Cadence, Ascent Users Conference in Denver, June 3rd, 4th and 5th. This was my first visit to their conference.  ABT was invited as a Vendor, promoting our MortgageExchange interface.  

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ABT has a Mortgage Software Interface for Everything

Move Beyond Hand-keying

If your team is hand keying loan data from your origionation software to your servicing platform consider MortgageExchange.  The benefits of a managed Mortgage Interface in today's marketplace are apparent. A managed system ensures your data is compliant and accurate because the translation process is always monitored and tested for accuracy.  No matter which vendor makes a change, a managed system is constantly monitored and updated to keep your data flowing correctly. Platforms like MortgageExchange generate new digital strategies employing innovative, cloud-based technologies that focus on providing compliant, effective performance.   

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5 Strategies For Business Survival, Before a Disaster Hits.

As a Business owner you work very hard day in and day out.  You have a great client base which you have developed over the last few years.  Your clients trust you and refer their friends to you, which was one of your goals when you started your business. You have a great staff using the latest in computer equipment. The computer tech team you hired has set up a network with all of the safeguards. Your client data is protected and you have automatically scheduled data backups.  You have thought of everything.  Sure every once in a while there is a drive or network failure but your tech team is able to get to you in a day or two. Life is good.

Minimizing Your Exposure to Mortgage Servicing Risk

In the September 2013 issue of "Servicing Management" magazine, an article was posted called; "Decreasing The Cost Of Servicing Timelines With Technology" by Chris Michaels
The "opening line" for this article states; "Servicers that haven't deployed technology to speed the servicing pipeline are at greater risk for losses and non-compliance."
When I read this article, I was intrigued. It touched on the messages I have been voicing to prospects for years. While Chris Michaels was writing this from a default perspective.  I look at it from an overall "savings from technology" perspective.  Todays servicers must have flexibility in personal deployment and the processes they follow must be compliant. "Everything a servicer does and every decision that it makes can be open to scrutiny", Chris mentions in his article.
While I agree with the need to have a complete software suite, I am taking the liberity to interpret the message as; "a servicer needs to consider the whole mortgage platform as well.
  • Can the software be safely and quickly deployed?
  • Is the user applying the software updates quickly to ensure compliance?
  • Is the system (software and equipment infrastructure) compliant with current banking regulations?
  • Is your mortgage department ready for an audit?  Is your mortgage technology testing and certifications current?
  • Consider the entire servicing process from origination through servicing, Including feeding the core system.  Interfaces can provide solid data flow through these unique systems.  Eliminate hand-keying mistakes and speeding up the loan process.
  • Are all of your control points in place and actively managed.  Is the system environment and client data safe from others?
  • Does the entire system work together? or are you still using excel to complete the process.
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