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MortgageExchange™, the next logical step in software interfaces

       data-integration-300x157-1.jpg   You have built a solid Mortgage Department.  You have gathered software tools that are at the top in the industry. Your team likes the tools and are ready to work.  Except, during implementation you start hitting snags.  You find that your team is needing to hand key data across your system.  Perhaps some data will flow across systems, but not all the fields you require. This slows down the efficiency level you expected and opens up the possibility of key-entry error.  

Here at ABT we have been hosting mortgage software in our Mortgage Cloud since 1999.  We understand the frustration you are experiencing.  Our clients faced the same obstacles, they turned to us to see if we could help.

What better way is there to create a great product, than with help and guidence of the folks who will be using it, our customers.  They helped build what is now called MortgageExchange™. A unique cloud based integration tool.  Utilized by Banks, Credit Unions and other mortgage organizations across the country, MortgageExchange™ is providing integration between software platforms of all types from a wide variety of software vendors.  ABT's professional staff works with you to build an interface platform that follows your workflow resulting in a regulatory compliant solution. Our clients (Banks and Credit Unions) began coming to us to help them get rid of the issues related to hand-keying data between systems that would not "talk" with one another.  As we created more and more of these integrations, a new product was born, MortgageExchange.  Following integration standards and working closely with our integration software partners, we are able to provide a solid product that is always up-to-date, translates and QC's the mortgage data into a format that is ready to move into the receiving software.

What makes this solution unique is that it is cloud-based.  ABT takes responsibility for both sides of the connection points.  If a vendor has an up-grade that may "break" the flow of data, ABT gets ahead of it and modifies MortgageExchange™ so the data keeps flowing.  This is an integration your mortgage team can rely on.

We have intgrations and software relationships with:

Accenture/Mortgage Cadence LFC
D+H Servicing Director®
D+H UltraData Enterprise®
FISERV DNA (formally OSI)
FICS Mortgage Servicer®
Jack Henry Silver Lake®
Jack Henry Symitar Epysis®
Dovenmuehle Mortgage

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