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How to Protect Your Devices from Bad Guys

A businessman takes his work laptop home.

What exactly happens when a company device gets stolen?

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Mobile Technology in the Mortgage Industry: Big Rewards and Big Risks

Mobile devices have revolutionized the way modern businesses function from day to day. Employees can now work from anywhere and from a variety of devices. Workers have more flexibility, mobility, and accessibility, and it’s brought about a number major advantages. In fact, few businesses can completely shut out mobile technology and remain competitive.

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Can Your Mortgage Company Meet California's Information Security Requirements?

As a lender, are you protecting the privacy and personal information of the borrowers you serve? Data security is a vital responsibility that you take on when you accept personal information from your clients.

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Securing Your Mobile Workforce in Your Mortgage Company

These days, more and more mortgage companies are beginning to implement a mobile workforce. However, with this newfound mobility comes a number of potential security risks. When mortgage loan officers need to access or enter sensitive information from their mobile devices, they run the risk of exposing that information to security threats.

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