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What Do Modern Borrowers Expect from a Lender?

Providing transparency to lending customers and access via mobile devices is half the battle.

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What Technology Is Changing In Banking For 2018

In the future, financial information and programming will be increasingly available on-the-go.

The old days of purely brick-and-mortar banks are over.

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Why Millennials Are More Productive with Less Effort: Cloud Technology

The millennial generation is getting more done than any other generation, and it is because they have embraced the technology that is available to them. Many assume that because a millennial has their head down and is holding a tablet or smartphone, it means they're playing a game or browsing social media. But there's a very real possibility that they're getting work done—even while they're waiting for their coffee, their train, or the elevator. Imagine if you could use this same approach to better serve your mortgage customers.

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