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ABT has a Mortgage Software Interface for Everything

Move Beyond Hand-keying

If your team is hand keying loan data from your origionation software to your servicing platform consider MortgageExchange.  The benefits of a managed Mortgage Interface in today's marketplace are apparent. A managed system ensures your data is compliant and accurate because the translation process is always monitored and tested for accuracy.  No matter which vendor makes a change, a managed system is constantly monitored and updated to keep your data flowing correctly. Platforms like MortgageExchange generate new digital strategies employing innovative, cloud-based technologies that focus on providing compliant, effective performance.   

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Why a "Cloud Based" Software Interface is a winner?

What is a Software Interface?

A software interface should seamlessly connect your software (in this case two mortgage software platforms) and move data to other services.  For example; a mortgage loan origination software to a core banking system. This movement of data should be easy, secure and in the best scenarios totally automated. Some Mortgage software applications provide "built-in" connectivity.  But if they don't this can cause a huge disruption in moving data through your business work flow. Don't think your only alternative is to manually re-enter data from one system to the next.

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