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3 Benefits of Synchronizing Data Across Mortgage and Core System Platforms

With growing concerns over security issues and increasing industry standard upgrades, the benefits of synchronizing data across mortgage and core system platforms couldn't be clearer.

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Accelerating the Sales Cycle With Better Data Management And Execution

With complex sales that involve a lot of money, it can take weeks to complete the sales cycle. Mortgage loan officers often wait an average of four to five weeks to close on a home. However, new rules have come into effect, as of October 3, 2015, that are making that process even longer.

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MortgageExchange™, the next logical step in software interfaces

       data-integration-300x157-1.jpg   You have built a solid Mortgage Department.  You have gathered software tools that are at the top in the industry. Your team likes the tools and are ready to work.  Except, during implementation you start hitting snags.  You find that your team is needing to hand key data across your system.  Perhaps some data will flow across systems, but not all the fields you require. This slows down the efficiency level you expected and opens up the possibility of key-entry error.  

Securing Your Mobile Workforce in Your Mortgage Company

These days, more and more mortgage companies are beginning to implement a mobile workforce. However, with this newfound mobility comes a number of potential security risks. When mortgage loan officers need to access or enter sensitive information from their mobile devices, they run the risk of exposing that information to security threats.

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Calm Chaos, Increase Speed and Satisfy Customers by Avoiding Information Sprawl and Data Silos

With Quicken Loans' recent unveiling of real-time loan applications, competition between mortgage companies has reached internet speed. How can mortgage companies, credit unions and banks compete with this online vendor? By using cloud platforms and integrated software to cut down on the chaos of information sprawl and data silos and speed up their loan services.Cloud Platforms

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