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Does Cloud Integration Make Lenders More Competitive?

Does working in the cloud live up to expectations or is it merely a change of platform?

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What Do Modern Borrowers Expect from a Lender?

Providing transparency to lending customers and access via mobile devices is half the battle.

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The Newest in Mortgage Compliance Software: The Email Signature

Mortgage companies finally have the capability of email signatures.

For mortgage professionals, a huge concern of daily communications is confidentiality. Nothing is more important than protecting sensitive client data.

Still, some mortgage companies haven’t gotten around to upgrading their software. As software becomes more sophisticated, security and compliance features are becoming standard in the mortgage world.

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6 Major Changes in the 2018 Fannie Mae Selling Guide

New rules in the selling game.

As of February 27, 2018 mortgage sellers and servicers working with Fannie Mae have a new set of guidelines.

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Is Remote Work Possible in the Mortgage Industry?

Today’s employees work remotely using tablets and smartphones.

Thanks to modern device technology and an increasingly dynamic workforce, the trend of working from outside the traditional office is “the new normal”.

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Mortgage Lenders Look to MicroSecure Online Password Guidelines

Barbed wire, a chain-link fence, and a camera combine to provide a high level of security.

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ABT Leads the Digital Transformation of the Mortgage Lending Industry

A laptop on the desk of a finance professional.

There is no slowing down for mortgage lenders in 2018.

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4 Ways Loan Management Software Improves the Mortgage Experience

Financial management software makes everyday interactions smoother for mortgage lenders.

Mortgage software has relied on legacy infrastructures and paper processes for far too long.

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How to Protect Your Devices from Bad Guys

A businessman takes his work laptop home.

What exactly happens when a company device gets stolen?

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2018 Changes in Banking Technology Part II

Finance customers turn to mobile banking technology.

New technology continues to change the banking landscape.

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