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How Business Intelligence Could Revolutionize the Mortgage Industry

How many information systems does your mortgage company deal with on a daily or weekly basis? How many databases do you need to navigate in order to close a mortgage loan? Stop and consider how many more sources of data are feeding into your IT network than are evident at first glance. Wouldn’t you love to have the reporting and analysis tools to help you make the most of all this data? The right business intelligence system for mortgage companies can put an information revolution into your hands and drive your lending business to the top of the market.

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5 Ways a Virtual Desktop System Can Benefit Mortgage Companies

Remote work is a feature of the modern business world that isn’t going away. In fact, research says we are likely to increase our reliance on remote and virtual solutions. For business, the shift has been quickly adopted but financial service providers have been slow to move fully into the cloud.

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The Benefits of Rapid Onboarding and Offboarding for Mortgage Lenders

The process of onboarding or offboarding in a mortgage lending company is a minefield. In an industry with strict data regulation, financial service providers are under the gun to get their staff in and out of the system as quickly as possible to keep workflow moving and data secure.

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Five Reasons Mortgage Companies Struggle with Email Signatures


Most mortgage companies rely on individual employees to create their email signature. This results in email signatures that look different depending on the formatting and spacing used. While some employees prefer their name to be in a purple font written in cursive others, prefer a more classic approach. This is a problem as people outside the company who communicate with employees via email have a poor perception of the company. Leaving employees to create a manual email signature may hurt their chances of getting a loan application from a prospective borrower as the borrower may judge that mortgage company based solely on the non-professional, manually created email signature.

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6 Reasons Mortgage Companies Are Moving To The Microsoft Phone System


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Does Cloud Integration Make Lenders More Competitive?

Does working in the cloud live up to expectations or is it merely a change of platform?

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How to Implement Digital Transformation at a Financial Institution

Choosing a new digital direction for your company.

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5 Ways Mortgage Companies Can Protect Their Office 365 Email

IT administrators can protect their email systems.

Down payment wire fraud affects borrowers and mortgage companies across the country. This scam, aimed specifically at homebuyers, tricks people into sending money to a fraudulent offshore account. CNBC explains that it works because the transfer request comes disguised as the email account of the actual real estate broker working with the homebuyer. The scam relies on the eagerness of the first-time homebuyer and the confusion surrounding closing day, which for most people represents the single largest monetary payment of their lives. When everything about the home buying experience is new, borrowers are unlikely to notice the fake “broker” has requested the down payment money be sent to a new account.

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3 Tips to Help Defend Your Mortgage Company from Cyber Threats

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5 Tips to Boost Onboarding at Banks and Credit Unions

The sooner a new hire is settled, the sooner they can begin their work.

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