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Can Your Mortgage Business Use BitLocker Without TPM?

The theft of a computer can be bad news for your mortgage business. It's not just the cost of replacing it; insurance should cover that. It's the prospect of letting confidential information into the hands of thieves. Confidentiality is vital to the mortgage business. Even computers sitting on desktops can be stolen.

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6 Reasons You Need MortgageWorkSpace® With Business Intelligence

With all the changes going on in the world of technology today, it's apparent to us that mortgage companies need more (and better) data to drive their business and security decisions. With MortgageWorkSpace® now featuring Business Intelligence, mortgage companies can easily obtain, organize, and act on that information from the cloud-based platform they know and love.

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7 Common Questions About Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

As data security professionals, it's clear to us why mortgage companies should be using multi-factor authentication (MFA) in their businesses. Yet many mortgage firms are still resistant to adopting this technology for fear that it will only complicate processes and slow productivity. However, the benefits of this added security far outweighs the additional effort it requires.

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Cerber Ransomware Poses a Huge Risk for Mortgage Companies

International criminals are cyber-attacking American companies at unprecedented rates. Worse, many victims don't even announce they paid money to these gangsters, so the FBI doesn't actually know the precise numbers. However, the threat undoubtedly continues to grow.

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Why Hard Drive Encryption is Important for Mortgage Companies

Is your mortgage company encrypting the hard drives of the devices it uses to conduct daily business? Here’s a better question: Could your mortgage company withstand the potentially catastrophic fallout that would occur if a computer containing confidential client information was stolen and fell into the wrong hands? What about the regulatory repercussions and lack of customer confidence that such an event would cause?

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