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5 Ways Mortgage Companies Can Protect Their Office 365 Email

IT administrators can protect their email systems.

Down payment wire fraud affects borrowers and mortgage companies across the country. This scam, aimed specifically at homebuyers, tricks people into sending money to a fraudulent offshore account. CNBC explains that it works because the transfer request comes disguised as the email account of the actual real estate broker working with the homebuyer. The scam relies on the eagerness of the first-time homebuyer and the confusion surrounding closing day, which for most people represents the single largest monetary payment of their lives. When everything about the home buying experience is new, borrowers are unlikely to notice the fake “broker” has requested the down payment money be sent to a new account.

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Cloud Service Providers vs. Enterprise Agreements: What Works?

The ubiquity of the cloud is undeniable.

It used to be that enterprises wanted the biggest and the best software available.

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From Good To Great: Why Office 365 Email Needs ABT

While many businesses rely on the email component connected with Enterprise Office 365, mortgage lenders profit by pairing Office 365 Email with ABT's Mortgage Email Solution. Why does Office 365 Email need ABT's offering?

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