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Data Security: What Data Are Your Loan Officers Walking Away With?

Employee data security is no longer an option in the mortgage industry. It's a necessity. More employees than ever before in the mortgage industry are working from home, and branch offices are regularly moving between companies.  You don't want them moving your vaulable customer data with them.

Think about all of the different people who have the ability to access your company and customer data: employees, contractors, and even your very own mortgage officers. As employee data theft continues to become a mounting concern for mortgage companies, using foolproof cloud desktops is the best way to keep your data from walking out the door.  

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Why Mortgage Companies Need A Uniform Email Signature

Mortgage companies need a uniform email signature. Why can this be said with such confidence? Email signatures may be the most overlooked, under-appreciated, and cost-effective marketing tool at a mortgage company's disposal.

From Good To Great: Why Office 365 Email Needs ABT

While many businesses rely on the email component connected with Enterprise Office 365, mortgage lenders profit by pairing Office 365 Email with ABT's Mortgage Email Solution. Why does Office 365 Email need ABT's offering?

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