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How Business Intelligence Could Revolutionize the Mortgage Industry

How many information systems does your mortgage company deal with on a daily or weekly basis? How many databases do you need to navigate in order to close a mortgage loan? Stop and consider how many more sources of data are feeding into your IT network than are evident at first glance. Wouldn’t you love to have the reporting and analysis tools to help you make the most of all this data? The right business intelligence system for mortgage companies can put an information revolution into your hands and drive your lending business to the top of the market.

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Every October since 2004, the United States has observed National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Computer security is always important, but the month when spooks, zombies, and demons are on display is a fitting time for the mortgage business to give it focused attention.

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New Mortgage RPA Makes Waves in the Mortgage Industry

A new RPA streamlines the process of on-boarding new hires.

On-boarding loan officers is a hassle. There are pitfalls along the way and multiple security-minded platforms to authorize before a new loan officer can begin their work properly.

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Understanding the Importance of Email Security for Mortgage Businesses

Email is a big part of communication with , but it poses many security problems. Companies are torn between their need to protect confidential financial information and the customer’s desire for convenience.

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Why Mortgage Companies Need Built-In Compliance Tools

Business data is available at your fingertips, but is it protected?

If your mortgage company isn’t talking about advanced data governance, you’ve missed the memo.

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Cloud Storage Reduces IT Costs and Improves Scalability for Mortgage Companies

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Leverage Your Cloud Software for a More Efficient Workflow


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ABT will be at the annual MBA Technology convention in Chicago

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ABT will be at the Experience 17 convention in Las Vegas

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10 Reasons to Move Your Mortgage Business to the Cloud Today

The mortgage industry has become increasingly vulnerable to outsiders accessing consumer protected information. A data breach can result in costs to the business for recovering information and adopting higher security protocols. It may also result in lost customer relationships and damage to the business’s reputation.

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