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10 Ways Cloud Software Increases Your Mortgage Company’s Productivity

One of the most important reasons for any mortgage business to make changes in the way it uses software is to increase the productivity of their workforce. The key, though, is finding a software solution that doesn't get in the user's way. The more flexibility a platform offers in accessing information, carrying out tasks, and securely collaborating, the more your mortgage employees can get done. ABT's cloud software makes all these things possible.

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10 Reasons to Move Your Mortgage Business to the Cloud Today

The mortgage industry has become increasingly vulnerable to outsiders accessing consumer protected information. A data breach can result in costs to the business for recovering information and adopting higher security protocols. It may also result in lost customer relationships and damage to the business’s reputation.

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Easing Mortgage Customers’ Concerns About Giving Out Private Information

In order to apply for a mortgage, borrowers must turn over some very personal information. So it comes as no surprise that many borrowers are concerned with the security of their mortgage lenders’ networks.

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10 Reasons Why Cloud Storage Is Safer

Where is the safest place to store a valuable item: in a locked box in your home, or in a safe deposit box at a bank? It should be obvious that something of value will be better protected at a bank, even though it's out of your immediate possession. Banks have better security procedures, trained staff, and less penetrable physical structures.

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