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Email Security Tips Your Mortgage Customers Should Know

Mortgage customers make heavy use of the Internet today. People are used to carrying on business with online forms and email, even where they'd have expected face-to-face meetings and paper just a few years ago. Online activity, especially email, carries risks of fraud and information theft. It's the responsibility of mortgage professionals to advise their customers on how to keep that risk low.

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Understanding the Importance of Email Security for Mortgage Businesses

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Email Security Policy: Plan Before You Click and Send

In today’s highly digital world, much of our business communications take place over email. The mortgage industry, especially, relies on email to communicate with clients, send and receive important documents, and to transmit customer information. However, with email comes a lot of security vulnerabilities that put your mortgage company at risk of contracting malware or having your sensitive communications intercepted by hackers. Email security is vitally important, and it is necessary to establish a strong email security policy that provides proper guidance for your loan officers on how to handle email communications.

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