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5 Ways a Virtual Desktop System Can Benefit Mortgage Companies

Remote work is a feature of the modern business world that isn’t going away. In fact, research says we are likely to increase our reliance on remote and virtual solutions. For business, the shift has been quickly adopted but financial service providers have been slow to move fully into the cloud.

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How to Implement Digital Transformation at a Financial Institution

Choosing a new digital direction for your company.

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3 Tips to Help Defend Your Mortgage Company from Cyber Threats

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What Do Modern Borrowers Expect from a Lender?

Providing transparency to lending customers and access via mobile devices is half the battle.

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The Most Notable Financial Cybersecurity Breaches Of 2018

Hackers break into systems to steal organizational data.

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5 Things You Should Do Now to Prevent a Data Breach

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The Newest in Mortgage Compliance Software: The Email Signature

Mortgage companies finally have the capability of email signatures.

For mortgage professionals, a huge concern of daily communications is confidentiality. Nothing is more important than protecting sensitive client data.

Still, some mortgage companies haven’t gotten around to upgrading their software. As software becomes more sophisticated, security and compliance features are becoming standard in the mortgage world.

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How to Fill In the Cracks of Your Business Continuity Plan

It’s time to update the disaster recovery plans for your business.

February 27, 2018 was a wakeup call for mortgage sellers and servicers. That date marked the release of Fannie Mae’s new selling guidelines.

6 Major Changes in the 2018 Fannie Mae Selling Guide

New rules in the selling game.

As of February 27, 2018 mortgage sellers and servicers working with Fannie Mae have a new set of guidelines.

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4 Reasons to Implement a Mortgage Business Intelligence Strategy

BI visuals help employees in the company get on the same page.

Business Intelligence (BI) has come a long way since its first implementation.

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