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Does Cloud Integration Make Lenders More Competitive?

Does working in the cloud live up to expectations or is it merely a change of platform?

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5 Tips to Boost Onboarding at Banks and Credit Unions

The sooner a new hire is settled, the sooner they can begin their work.

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Every October since 2004, the United States has observed National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Computer security is always important, but the month when spooks, zombies, and demons are on display is a fitting time for the mortgage business to give it focused attention.

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3 Ways the Cloud Bolsters Your Mortgage Company Security

Cyber thieves are amping up their attacks on major banks and the U.S. Federal Reserve. Recently, $81 million dollars was stolen from a Bank of Bangladesh account at the New York Fed. Cybersecurity officials are rapidly securing possible entry points for cyber thieves, finding that the most ordinary access points, such as email and social media accounts, can be all a thief needs to gain access to highly sensitive data. What does this mean for mid-sized lenders in the mortgage industry?

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New Mortgage RPA Makes Waves in the Mortgage Industry

A new RPA streamlines the process of on-boarding new hires.

On-boarding loan officers is a hassle. There are pitfalls along the way and multiple security-minded platforms to authorize before a new loan officer can begin their work properly.

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Understanding the Importance of Email Security for Mortgage Businesses

Email is a big part of communication with , but it poses many security problems. Companies are torn between their need to protect confidential financial information and the customer’s desire for convenience.

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FHFA Declared Unconstitutional by U.S. Federal Courts

A courthouse looms over the viewer.

The Washington Examiner reported last week that the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has been ruled unconstitutional.

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How to Safely Handle Personal Data on Mortgage Applications

A laptop, a book, and a smartphone on lockdown.

Mortgage applications require a huge amount of personal data.

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Cyber Security Seatbelts Save Digital Lives

Wear a seatbelt—navigate your cloud-based systems with safety in mind. 

“Safety first.”

It’s a pretty easy idea to agree on. We all think safety is important.

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Business Data Security and Multi-Factor Authentication

  Get an extra level of security with multi-factor authentication or MFA.

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