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10 Ways Cloud Software Increases Your Mortgage Company’s Productivity

Cloud Software.jpgOne of the most important reasons for any mortgage business to make changes in the way it uses software is to increase the productivity of their workforce. The key, though, is finding a software solution that doesn't get in the user's way. The more flexibility a platform offers in accessing information, carrying out tasks, and securely collaborating, the more your mortgage employees can get done. ABT's cloud software makes all these things possible.

Here are 10 ways our cloud software can increase productivity for your mortgage business today.

1. Mobility

Employees can't always work from their desks. Sometimes they have to deal with an important customer issue after hours or on a day when they can't come into the office. Speed is important in the mortgage business, and waiting till the next day may mean a lost opportunity. Using ABT's MortgageWorkspace™, employees can log in from wherever they are, in order to deliver faster, more responsive service to their customers.

2. Access

With cloud software, your mortgage company's documents are stored on a cloud server, so employees can access them from anywhere. They can start a task at one location, using Office 365, and pick it up again later by logging in from another location.

3. Communication

Communicating with customers and business partners, including the ability to transfer documents securely, is central to any mortgage business. DocumentGuardian™ and EmailGuardian™ provide methods for securely transferring information, without relying on the usual fragile and insecure email transfers.

4. Collaboration

ABT's MortgageWorkspace™ supports secure sharing of information among employees. There's no need to rely on clumsy and risky methods, such as passing around USB drives, to share information.

5. Consistency

Using a consistent, integrated software platform makes it easier to bring all your information together when and how it’s needed. A fragmented collection of applications puts barriers in the way of getting information from one step to the next in the process.

6. IT Management

Cloud IT services not only make you more productive, but they also eliminate IT headaches. Backup is automatic. Operations aren't tied to a specific piece of computer hardware, so server downtime stops being an issue. Your cloud provider also updates your software automatically, so there's no need to worry about running updates. And with 24/7 online IT support, you and your team can get the assistance you need anytime, from anywhere.

7. Loss Avoidance

Information stored on personal devices is at risk. Theft rates for laptops, tablets, and smartphones are high. When information is lost or stolen, it's necessary to deal with the situation and find a remedy, and that takes time and resources away from serving customers. Any information that was only on the missing device has to be reconstructed, which can be a tedious process.

8. Scalability

It's every business's dream to see a huge increase in the number of customers they serve, but even that can be a headache without scalable resources. In-house machines may not be able to keep up with the increased load, and slow response times or limits on capacity may hinder employees' abilities to serve applicants. A cloud service easily scales with increased demand, and your business is left with the happy task of figuring out where to put all those new hires.

9. Readiness for the Future

Data breaches are a growing concern in the mortgage business. Everyone involved in the lending and handling of financial information will need to adapt to tighter standards and regulations. Having a disorganized collection of information makes it very hard to demonstrate that things are being handled properly. Our services are designed throughout for mortgage-specific security. We keep up with the latest security compliance standards, so that you can be confident your business keeps up with them too.

10. Speed

The sum of all these advantages is the ability to get work done faster. Information lookup, communication with customers and lenders, and collaboration among employees all happen faster from the cloud. This means fewer missed opportunities and more business done every day.

ABT's MortgageWorkspace™ provides a huge boost to a mortgage company's productivity by bringing all the relevant information together in one place, where employees can access it from anywhere. It provides the highest level of security while letting employees work without running into technical barriers. Please contact us today to learn all about what we offer.

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10 Reasons to Move Your Mortgage Business to the Cloud Today

Move-Your-Mortgage-Business-to-the-Cloud.jpgThe mortgage industry has become increasingly vulnerable to outsiders accessing consumer protected information. A data breach can result in costs to the business for recovering information and adopting higher security protocols. It may also result in lost customer relationships and damage to the business’s reputation.

When your mortgage business moves its core business operations to the cloud, you can eliminate many risks to consumer data and security compliance. The transition to the cloud isn't only about storing company documents. Now companies can host and access their entire desktop, including all business applications, directly from the cloud.

Moving to the cloud can, in turn, ease the minds of customers about security and help your mortgage business increase productivity. Here are our top 10 reasons to move to the cloud:

1. Data Storage

All of a mortgage company's electronic information can become stored in cloud-based servers and can include the additional protection of backup servers. If your company's primary cloud-based servers go down, the business applications that they contain will move over to backup servers, thereby minimizing the impact on your business operations and keeping your customers’ personal data intact.

2. Data Security

Your company can use newer software within a mortgage cloud platform in order to protect better consumer information. All electronic data that your company collects will be stored in the cloud, and it will be harder for hackers to gain access because of better data encryption technologies that govern the exchange of information in all areas of the suite.

3. Ease of Collaboration

Every person who handles consumer data and information related to mortgage transactions will access information faster from any on-site or off-site computer. All it takes is access to the software suite through an Internet connection and a valid set of login credentials.

4. Ease of Communication

All employees are recording their work on a customer's account in the same productivity suite, which is based in the cloud. They can "talk" to each other through the same system. One person who processes closing paperwork for a mortgage transaction, for example, can complete tasks without having to wait until the lead person on the account is back in the office. Every mortgage gets worked on when an assigned employee has the time to devote to it.

5. Ease of Recordkeeping

Electronic records of a client's mortgage file are easy to create in a productivity suite and to store in the cloud. A cloud-based suite ensures that every document is also stored in an electronic archive. For complying with government regulations and for auditing purposes within your busy mortgage enterprise, electronic record retrieval makes perfect sense.

6. Virtual Protection of the Paper Trail

By moving to the cloud, your company does not have to worry about physically protecting the same volume of paper records from hazards such as fire and theft. Use a suite with cloud backup solutions to obtain electronic records on demand.

7. Flexibility

Employees can choose which part of the productivity suite to use for their business activities. They can use a cloud-based workspace to make notes about every aspect of a transaction.

8. Remote Access

Employees can work from home or when they are away on a business or personal trip. They can access important details about a client's file and give feedback to people in the office. They can easily obtain the status of work that other employees have performed on the same file.

9. Technical Support

All of your business applications require ongoing support from IT personnel. With all desktop applications operating from the cloud, you can use a combination of in-house personnel and outsourced personnel to service these applications. For example, desktop support on evenings and weekends may get outsourced so that you don't have to pay your IT people overtime.

10. Transparency

Your organization can become more transparent to customers. Use a cloud productivity suite to give updates to each customer about the status of his or her mortgage application. Message customers from a secure cloud-based workspace and give access to any employees who should view the history of all communications with a client.

For more details on how to move your mortgage business to the cloud through our MortgageWorkspace™ technology—without buying any new machines or software licenses—contact us today.

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Cloud-Based Mobility is The Desktop’s Demise in the Mortgage Business

Is it time to start preparing the obituary for the desktop computer? Even one of the designers of the original IBM PC 5150, Mark Dean, declared that this iconic technology is all but dead. Now that there are apps for smartphones and tablets that do everything a PC could do and more, you are no longer tied to one location. Cloud-based mobility and computing are the future. 

Some of the factors killing off the old-school PC include the rise of mobile computing, cellular data networks, improved battery life and power density, and the responsive format for web-to-mobile. The most dramatic result of this shift is the ability to run a complete business in the cloud. This has a profound impact on operating costs and the way that mortgage companies can meet with clients.


Now Your Computer Goes With You

Every new innovation in technology has been hailed as a major milestone for businesses. Having a desktop computer with a dial-up Internet connection, a browser, and a suite of tools for word-processing, spreadsheets, and desktop publishing, was a huge step forward in the late 90s. It didn't matter that the computer had to sit on your desk, within reach of an electric outlet and a phone jack; the new capabilities were a huge step forward for commerce and consumers. Now, however, it is time to move on.

The Backend Goes to the Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) makes it possible to run your business entirely in the cloud, which means you need no physical resources, apart from the device of your choice, to represent the face of your company. The exciting implication is the ability to work from wherever you want. SaaS is computing in the cloud; it does the work on the back-end, removing the need for on-site file servers and the facilities that support them.

The global market for SaaS was $49 billion in 2015 and is growing at a rate of 8.14% per annum, according to Forbes. There is a good reason for this; computing in the cloud reduces capital costs to the price of devices and a monthly subscription. It is available for smart mortgage business leaders to use to their competitive advantage.

The Front End Moves Into Browsers and Apps

Thanks to today’s technology, you can use the device of your choice to run your mortgage business completely from the cloud. When you can access all of your systems and documents from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, there is no more need for either the desktop PC or the desk. With the right SaaS mortgage application management system, you will have secure access to everything that you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Best of all, you can focus on your business securely, without distractions, and with support when you need it. Mobile browsing makes a huge difference in how consumers and business users experience the internet. When the front end of your business process is on the device in your hand, you have full control of all your customer’s needs.

The Connection Goes Mobile

Mobile technology may seem incredibly futuristic, but it hasn’t reached its peak yet. 4G connections will double the average speed of data delivery by 2020 to 36,363 kbps, according to Mobile Future. For the time being, though, mobile connections are still pretty darn fast. You don't even need to work from home or the local coffeehouse to connect to a wi-fi hotspot; mobile can now connect wherever you are (assuming good network coverage).

At the beginning of 2016, the major mobile networks covered between 70 and 87 percent of the country, with the best coverage in the most urbanized areas and the poorest in the most rural. The result is that, unless you are working in a remote, rural community, you can meet with clients and coworkers, and share all of the documents you need to complete financing activities via mobile, without delays or interruptions.

Gone the Way of the Filing Cabinet

When your real estate financial services business uses mobile devices and SaaS connectivity, you do not need to let the technology dictate the way that you conduct your business. Access Business Technologies specializes in providing SaaS platforms and tools for productivity and documentation, all while supporting security and mortgage industry compliance standards.

As the front end dissolves into your browser, and the backend systems migrate to the cloud, there is not much reason left to hold on to those old desktop computers. If you have not yet moved to the cloud, the time to do so is now.

DeviceGuardian™ provides a holistic solution to controlling security and maintaining compliance across multiple devices. This powerful tool is easy to install on any new or existing device, and allows ABT to securely manage all of your mortgage software, data, and users, without driving up operating expenses or reducing efficiency. Best of all, the protection provided by DeviceGuardian™ makes all of your devices compliant with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations.

We earned a 97% customer satisfaction rating for 2014 and 2015 by consistently delivering competitive, compliant, and secure IT support to our clients. To begin finding the right SaaS solution for your business, contact Access Business Technologies today.

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Benefits of Switching Your Mortgage Company's Systems to the Cloud

The benefits of switching your mortgage company's servers and desktops to the cloud go beyond just joining the latest technology trends. You've no doubt heard plenty about the cloud over the last few years, with both positive and negative reactions. However, almost all of the negative reactions come from simple misunderstandings about cloud system capabilities. These days, cloud technology can not only do everything your old in-house servers and desktop computers can do, but they can do it more affordably, more securely, and with far more adaptable features.

In the mortgage industry, your servers and computer desktops become an essential technology tool because of how much private data you work with daily. Undoubtedly, you worry about the safety of the personal financial information that gets loaded into your servers and computer desktops while working with clients. You may also worry about business continuity if some major disaster occurs. Having an on-site server or on-site computer desktop may be your long-time storage method that you continue to use out of habit. However, do you really know what would happen to all your client data if your server or computer desktop shut down due to natural or human circumstances or was breached by security threats?

No matter if you have backup, a disaster plan, or security features in place, getting your mortgage firm back up and running quickly after a crash or hack is another thing. It's time you saw the cloud in a brighter light and understood how much it helps the mortgage industry in the realms of security and in saving money. You can consolidate all of this in our MortgageWorkspace™ cloud solution here at Access Business Technologies.

Eliminating the Expense of On-Site Servers and On-Site Computer Desktops

For mortgage companies, having a secure server system and computer desktops is crucial to the safety and success of your business. You can't have a mortgage firm without having a reliable server that can facilitate the continual flow of data and store all of your important data. However, hosting these servers and computers desktops on-site can be a huge expense

Not only are the servers and computer desktops themselves expensive, but the IT support and maintenance that goes along with them can add up fast as well. When you use Access Business Technologies’ MortgageWorkspace™ cloud, you have a remote space to store your data without the worry of any maintenance or support costs. We provide the cloud storage space you need and manage it at all times.

Better Security

In the last 18 months, the world has seen a sharp rise in cyber-attacks. Last year the term “data breach” became mainstream vernacular. In 2014 the Wall Street Journal devoted 1,102 articles related to data breaches, up by more than 50% from the 470 articles from the previous year.  Mortgage companies store more personal information about customers than most banks.  Mortgage companies are prime targets for hackers. With all of that data moving in and out of an on-site server and on-site computer desktops, you face some major security risks if you do not have a strong IT management team on hand and a clear plan for data security.  Even when you have a strong team they don’t always have the time to keep up with the latest vulnerabilities and continually update your hardware and software to protect against evolving threats. You need full-time security experts to properly manage the new threats in addition to continually purchasing new software and hardware. 70% of companies were hit by Cyberattack in the last 12 Months, and 43% of ALL companies have experienced a data breach in the last 12 Months. In the event that your private data is compromised, you could face legal problems, hefty fines, or more importantly, a substantial loss of trust (and potentially business) from the clients whose private financial data you have promised to keep safe.

Using our cloud solution, you're guaranteed to have the best security technology and 24/7 monitoring designed specifically for the mortgage industry, so hacking events and other cyber threats don't disrupt your business.

Without proper security tools, you're walking on a minefield, with potential security vulnerability you won't even realize exist until it’s too late. No matter if it's a holiday or weekend, with MortgageWorkspace™, you're always monitored with preventative measures that are in place to ward off the any security threats.

Convenient Upgrades

All mortgage companies start small and begin to grow as time goes on. A stellar reputation could increase that business virtually overnight, but in order to maintain that kind of reputation, you will need to keep your servers and desktop computers running without any crashes or disruptions to your workflow. Our cloud solution allows for fast upgrades and increased access to productivity tools that can change and grow with your business.

Now you can scale your mortgage firm quickly without delays and any risks of downtime. As a true money-saver, you have predictable costs with MortgageWorkspace™. You pay a steady rate for what you use, and there aren't any unexpected charges on your monthly bill. By moving your computer desktops and servers to the cloud, you empower your mortgage professionals to safely perform at the top of their game anytime, anywhere.  You can support, defend, and manage game-game-changing technologies and processes that help mortgage professionals thrive.

Contact us here at Access Business Technologies to learn more about Mortgage Workspace™ and how your mortgage firm can benefit from making the switch to the cloud.

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Creating a Secure Mobile Workspace for Your Mortgage Company: Common Threats and Solutions

Creating a secure mobile workspace is more necessary than ever as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies become increasingly common in the modern workplace. In the mortgage industry, security is especially important, since your company is handling highly sensitive, private customer information every single day. When you start to handle that data from various devices, including mobile, it becomes imperative that your devices and data are being properly protected.

Recently released reports say that mobile technology poses the biggest risk to all enterprises around the world. It's worth noting, though, that we shouldn't blame BYOD ubiquity as the sole security problem. Security threats can come from a number of sources. It’s up to you to prepare and protect your company from those threats.

These days, it is not uncommon for many of your loan officers to travel for work. This mobility is important to the functioning of your business. However, oftentimes, this means your employees must use personal devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops, on unsecure internet connections to access the information they need. Communicating with clients in this way can leave your company and your customers’ information at risk of security attacks.creating a secure mobile workspace

Let's take a closer look at these risks and how Access Business Technologies can help you create a more secure mobile workspace for your mortgage business.

Unreliable Wi-Fi Services

If your loan officers are hanging out in cafés to talk with clients or do work, it's safe to assume that they'll connect their mobile devices to a public access point for Wi-Fi. The trouble with this is you can't always tell whether it's a secure network. Many people get fooled by the innocuous names of Wi-Fi networks, which could possibly be provided by a nearby criminal capturing personal information.

Without any proper security on your mobile device, you're basically a sitting duck to online thieves who could access your clients' personal financial information. You could face major legal hurdles if you find out client data has been compromised and you did nothing to prevent it.

The Potential of Mobile Devices Being Stolen

As much as your loan officers try, they can't always have a guarantee of keeping their mobile devices safe. Even if they keep their smartphones or tablets in a bag while traveling, your employees could absentmindedly leave a device sitting on a nearby table for a thief to snatch in a second.

All the talk about wiping on mobile devices becomes a major point of issue, when you think about all the data that's on those devices. Having all of it freely available to a thief makes it more of a worry for you when your loan officers work in diffuse locations where anything could happen.

Let's not forget that viruses are just as much of a problem on mobile devices, and mobile sharing could mean virus spreads from one device to another. When this happens, it could end up shutting down your entire mortgage firm because one mobile device suffered from a cyber-attack or malware.

So how are all of these security risks prevented when they seem like such separate issues? That’s where ABT’s DeviceGuardian™ comes in.

Why DeviceGuardian™ Consolidates All of Your Mobile Security

Here at Access Business Technologies, we've developed a PC and device protection tool called DeviceGuardian™ that is designed and configured specifically for the mortgage industry. DeviceGuardian takes on the biggest challenges of mobile security and solves them all with one convenient solution. With a simple download on any mobile device, your mortgage business has complete protection against viruses and hacking attempts that integrates seamlessly with your existing mortgage software. Even more so, you have complete compliance with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) IT regulations.

With ABT’s MortgageWorkSpace™ and DeviceGuardian™ services, you'll also have complete management of your entire desktop, including software, applications, and customer data, wherever you are, with 24/7 technical support whenever necessary.

Contact us to find out more about how DeviceGuardian™ and our other mortgage technology solutions can help your mortgage company run more efficiently and securely. We'll make sure you have peace of mind knowing your loan officers can work safely without data compromises.
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Three Things to Look for in a Cloud-Based Mortgage Desktop

In today’s business climate, security and workforce needs are constantly changing. Like many other industries, the mortgage industry must face a whole slew of technological challenges, and they need solutions that have been adapted to those ever-changing trends.

One of the biggest trends changing the way mortgage companies do business is the move to the cloud. Cloud-based systems aren’t just limited to data storage these days. In fact, businesses can manage and run their entire desktop from a convenient containerized computing service in the cloud. Services like Access Business Technologies’ MortgageWorkSpace replace the traditional desktop and make it easier and more cost-effective for employees to use the latest versions of the software they know and love, without worrying about installing or reconfiguring their computers. Using cloud-based services also provides employees with greater mobility, allowing them to work from any device in any location and making it easier to stay connected to their team while on the road.

mobile workforceHowever, when moving your business to the cloud, there is a lot to consider. Here are three things to look for in a cloud-based mortgage desktop:


One of the greatest benefits of investing in a cloud-based mortgage desktop is the ability to access the software and data you need from wherever you are. This is especially important as you consider how the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have changed the way the workforce accesses confidential business data.

By offering a mobile solution for your workforce you are allowing them to continue to make vital business decisions even while away from the office. Whether they are working from home or on the road, having the ability to tap into their full desktop (including important mortgage software, applications, and information) from anywhere creates a more powerful and effective workforce.

When accessing confidential customer data on a mobile device, it’s important to keep in mind the security vulnerabilities that may come with that. When looking for mortgage services that meet your mobile needs, it’s important to find a solution that offers protection against security threats and is compliant with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) IT regulations.


The mortgage industry has to be especially cautious with their security measures, due to the highly-sensitive information they handle every day. When shopping for a cloud-based mortgage desktop, it’s important to not only find a company that checks all of the boxes when it comes to data security, but also one with an industry-recognized name.

One of the benefits of utilizing a cloud-based solution for your mortgage desktop is the fact that your customer data is stored in data centers that feature uninterruptible power, disaster readiness, and heavy restrictions against intruders. MortgageWorkSpace safeguards all of your sensitive mortgage applications, and applications are never sent to or stored on employee devices. Instead, they run on secure and reliable cloud servers certified for financial services companies dealing with sensitive information. Investing in a cloud-based solution means your data is kept safe in top-of-the-line data centers that are SSAE16 Type II and ISO 9001 certified.


Integrating your software can be a hassle for companies in any industry. When choosing a cloud-based mortgage desktop, finding a service that integrates with all of your existing applications and programs will save your business time and money.

Reentering data can be time-consuming and expensive and can often lead to mistakes. A cloud-based solution that can move data safely and accurately across programs within it’s own suite of applications, as well as with third-party applications, creates a more productive workforce.

ABT Mortgage WorkSpace offers a cloud-based mortgage desktop solution that is trusted by hundreds of mortgage companies across the country and has a 97 percent customer satisfaction rating.

ABT’s platform, PowerCore, provides the infrastructure it takes to bring a secure and easily-accessible desktop to any computer or device with an Internet connection. The platform creates a central location for all of your mortgage data to be stored, reducing the cost of in-house IT and allowing your loan officers to close loans more quickly.

Additionally, ABT’s MortgageWorkSpace service offers a solution that is easy to implement and offers nearly 100 percent uptime. By moving to the cloud, there is no longer a need to worry about updating employee computers one-by-one in order to upgrade mortgage software. This creates a more stable solution to mortgage software needs.

For more information about how your mortgage business can benefit from Access Business Technologies’ cloud-based mortgage solutions, contact us today.

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How MortgageWorkSpace Secures Data and Builds Powerful Performance for Mortgage Companies

Mortgage companies are now required to adhere to the same stringent regulations for protecting consumer data as banks. These regulations can add to the time it takes to process applications and increase the costs of training your staff on the proper handling of data. To avoid these wasteful expenses, Access Business Technologies has provided mortgage companies with a solution through our MortgageWorkSpace platform. This innovative platform allows mortgage companies to process applications and monitor current client information, while training employees and adjusting business practices to comply with the new regulations.

Adjusting to the CFPB Regulations

Mortgage providers and loan officers work with the tools they have that make them most adaptable to the conditions of the job. Some might choose to use their smart phones or tablets to access information when theyre away from the office, but the new regulations prevent this type of activity due to security issues. Many mortgage providers are being audited to determine how effectively they follow the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) information security regulations. These audits add to costs, take up valuable time, and can have a big effect on consumer confidence. To prevent any interruption in business, mortgage providers can look to MortgageWorkSpace as a vital solution.

MortgageWorkSpace: A Cloud-based Solution

MortgageWorkSpace is a technology platform specifically designed to meet the CFPB information security regulations. It provides mortgage companies with a simple solution that streamlines the work process, while ensuring that business practices are compliant with the new regulations. It also provides a reliable method for staff to collaborate and share information so that normal practices can continue wherever your employees are. MortgageWorkSpace is a flexible, Cloud-based solution that allows mortgage providers and loan officers to access, store, and protect their vital information in one secure location. It can also be easily integrated with a mortgage companys existing software for a seamless transition.

Some of the advantages that a Cloud-based solution offers are:

-Flexible performance that adapts to any software (like Calyx or Encompass)

-Enhanced access to the information and systems you need, whether youre working from the office on a desktop or laptop, or from the road on a mobile device

-24/7 safeguarded protection from security threats

-Dependable network performance, allowing staff to always stay connected

-Automatic software updates and patches to prevent any unauthorized data access and enhance security performance

-Complete, easy-to-implement CFPB compliance

MortgageWorkSpace simplifies the process of adapting to the new regulations. It also consolidates most networking and IT expenses into a single cost, while giving staff the appropriate tools for performing secure, dependable work.

Cost Benefits and Performance Improvements

With MortgageWorkSpaces cutting-edge technology, all expenses for running a network, maintaining storage space and databases, and monitoring security points is reduced into one manageable cost. Access Business Technologies offers all the services mortgage companies need, while following all required regulations. ABTs services also improve performance by allowing employees to work from any device anywhere they have access to an Internet connection. This helps sales teams to be more accessible to their colleagues and to their clients, while converting more leads. Workers can use their desired device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) and still be within the regulations regarding secure consumer information. Instead of storing data locally on their device, providers and staff will access their records through the MortgageWorkSpace Cloud network.

Consumers today worry greatly about their privacy and securing their information. To handle this demand, newly created regulations require mortgage companies and loan officers to follow strict guidelines that outline the storage, collection, and processing of consumer data. To help manage this with a simple solution, Access Business Technologies developed MortgageWorkSpace: a Cloud-based platform that provides flexible and dependable services to make working with consumer data safer and more effective. The configurable platform provides optimal performance for any selected software application, access through different mobile devices, and the certified security that consumers demand.

For more information about how MortgageWorkSpace configures to the needs of your business, please contact us.

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Mortgage Bankers, don't get lost in the "Cloud"

Cloud computing is an excellent way for businesses to save money while growingCloud their infrastructure. With the rapid demand of cloud computing comes many technology firms that specialize in this. While many are helpful, it’s important you find one that is right for your business.

 Not all businesses and industries are the same. This means their cloud computing needs are going to be different based on their network sizes. This can be problematic if you choose the wrong technology company to manage your cloud network because if they don’t understand your business needs, they won’t be on the same page and this can lead to headaches and
reduced efficiency over the long haul.
 To avoid this, it’s important to research the firm you want to handle your cloud. See if they have extensive experience in managing mortgage companies of your size. It may also be beneficial to network with other companies in your industry to see whom they have used and what the results have been like. By doing your research before hiring the firm, you can ensure you and your technology consultant are on the same page, they will be able to build you a cloud network based on the growing demands of your business and you won’t have to worry about losing efficiency in the process.


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