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10 Ways Cloud Software Increases Your Mortgage Company’s Productivity

Cloud Software.jpgOne of the most important reasons for any mortgage business to make changes in the way it uses software is to increase the productivity of their workforce. The key, though, is finding a software solution that doesn't get in the user's way. The more flexibility a platform offers in accessing information, carrying out tasks, and securely collaborating, the more your mortgage employees can get done. ABT's cloud software makes all these things possible.

Here are 10 ways our cloud software can increase productivity for your mortgage business today.

1. Mobility

Employees can't always work from their desks. Sometimes they have to deal with an important customer issue after hours or on a day when they can't come into the office. Speed is important in the mortgage business, and waiting till the next day may mean a lost opportunity. Using ABT's MortgageWorkspace™, employees can log in from wherever they are, in order to deliver faster, more responsive service to their customers.

2. Access

With cloud software, your mortgage company's documents are stored on a cloud server, so employees can access them from anywhere. They can start a task at one location, using Office 365, and pick it up again later by logging in from another location.

3. Communication

Communicating with customers and business partners, including the ability to transfer documents securely, is central to any mortgage business. DocumentGuardian™ and EmailGuardian™ provide methods for securely transferring information, without relying on the usual fragile and insecure email transfers.

4. Collaboration

ABT's MortgageWorkspace™ supports secure sharing of information among employees. There's no need to rely on clumsy and risky methods, such as passing around USB drives, to share information.

5. Consistency

Using a consistent, integrated software platform makes it easier to bring all your information together when and how it’s needed. A fragmented collection of applications puts barriers in the way of getting information from one step to the next in the process.

6. IT Management

Cloud IT services not only make you more productive, but they also eliminate IT headaches. Backup is automatic. Operations aren't tied to a specific piece of computer hardware, so server downtime stops being an issue. Your cloud provider also updates your software automatically, so there's no need to worry about running updates. And with 24/7 online IT support, you and your team can get the assistance you need anytime, from anywhere.

7. Loss Avoidance

Information stored on personal devices is at risk. Theft rates for laptops, tablets, and smartphones are high. When information is lost or stolen, it's necessary to deal with the situation and find a remedy, and that takes time and resources away from serving customers. Any information that was only on the missing device has to be reconstructed, which can be a tedious process.

8. Scalability

It's every business's dream to see a huge increase in the number of customers they serve, but even that can be a headache without scalable resources. In-house machines may not be able to keep up with the increased load, and slow response times or limits on capacity may hinder employees' abilities to serve applicants. A cloud service easily scales with increased demand, and your business is left with the happy task of figuring out where to put all those new hires.

9. Readiness for the Future

Data breaches are a growing concern in the mortgage business. Everyone involved in the lending and handling of financial information will need to adapt to tighter standards and regulations. Having a disorganized collection of information makes it very hard to demonstrate that things are being handled properly. Our services are designed throughout for mortgage-specific security. We keep up with the latest security compliance standards, so that you can be confident your business keeps up with them too.

10. Speed

The sum of all these advantages is the ability to get work done faster. Information lookup, communication with customers and lenders, and collaboration among employees all happen faster from the cloud. This means fewer missed opportunities and more business done every day.

ABT's MortgageWorkspace™ provides a huge boost to a mortgage company's productivity by bringing all the relevant information together in one place, where employees can access it from anywhere. It provides the highest level of security while letting employees work without running into technical barriers. Please contact us today to learn all about what we offer.

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