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Creating a Secure Mobile Workspace for Your Mortgage Company: Common Threats and Solutions

Creating a secure mobile workspace is more necessary than ever as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies become increasingly common in the modern workplace. In the mortgage industry, security is especially important, since your company is handling highly sensitive, private customer information every single day. When you start to handle that data from various devices, including mobile, it becomes imperative that your devices and data are being properly protected.

Recently released reports say that mobile technology poses the biggest risk to all enterprises around the world. It's worth noting, though, that we shouldn't blame BYOD ubiquity as the sole security problem. Security threats can come from a number of sources. It’s up to you to prepare and protect your company from those threats.

These days, it is not uncommon for many of your loan officers to travel for work. This mobility is important to the functioning of your business. However, oftentimes, this means your employees must use personal devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops, on unsecure internet connections to access the information they need. Communicating with clients in this way can leave your company and your customers’ information at risk of security attacks.creating a secure mobile workspace

Let's take a closer look at these risks and how Access Business Technologies can help you create a more secure mobile workspace for your mortgage business.

Unreliable Wi-Fi Services

If your loan officers are hanging out in cafés to talk with clients or do work, it's safe to assume that they'll connect their mobile devices to a public access point for Wi-Fi. The trouble with this is you can't always tell whether it's a secure network. Many people get fooled by the innocuous names of Wi-Fi networks, which could possibly be provided by a nearby criminal capturing personal information.

Without any proper security on your mobile device, you're basically a sitting duck to online thieves who could access your clients' personal financial information. You could face major legal hurdles if you find out client data has been compromised and you did nothing to prevent it.

The Potential of Mobile Devices Being Stolen

As much as your loan officers try, they can't always have a guarantee of keeping their mobile devices safe. Even if they keep their smartphones or tablets in a bag while traveling, your employees could absentmindedly leave a device sitting on a nearby table for a thief to snatch in a second.

All the talk about wiping on mobile devices becomes a major point of issue, when you think about all the data that's on those devices. Having all of it freely available to a thief makes it more of a worry for you when your loan officers work in diffuse locations where anything could happen.

Let's not forget that viruses are just as much of a problem on mobile devices, and mobile sharing could mean virus spreads from one device to another. When this happens, it could end up shutting down your entire mortgage firm because one mobile device suffered from a cyber-attack or malware.

So how are all of these security risks prevented when they seem like such separate issues? That’s where ABT’s DeviceGuardian™ comes in.

Why DeviceGuardian™ Consolidates All of Your Mobile Security

Here at Access Business Technologies, we've developed a PC and device protection tool called DeviceGuardian™ that is designed and configured specifically for the mortgage industry. DeviceGuardian takes on the biggest challenges of mobile security and solves them all with one convenient solution. With a simple download on any mobile device, your mortgage business has complete protection against viruses and hacking attempts that integrates seamlessly with your existing mortgage software. Even more so, you have complete compliance with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) IT regulations.

With ABT’s MortgageWorkSpace™ and DeviceGuardian™ services, you'll also have complete management of your entire desktop, including software, applications, and customer data, wherever you are, with 24/7 technical support whenever necessary.

Contact us to find out more about how DeviceGuardian™ and our other mortgage technology solutions can help your mortgage company run more efficiently and securely. We'll make sure you have peace of mind knowing your loan officers can work safely without data compromises.
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