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Cloud-Based Mobility is The Desktop’s Demise in the Mortgage Business

Is it time to start preparing the obituary for the desktop computer? Even one of the designers of the original IBM PC 5150, Mark Dean, declared that this iconic technology is all but dead. Now that there are apps for smartphones and tablets that do everything a PC could do and more, you are no longer tied to one location. Cloud-based mobility and computing are the future. 

Some of the factors killing off the old-school PC include the rise of mobile computing, cellular data networks, improved battery life and power density, and the responsive format for web-to-mobile. The most dramatic result of this shift is the ability to run a complete business in the cloud. This has a profound impact on operating costs and the way that mortgage companies can meet with clients.


Now Your Computer Goes With You

Every new innovation in technology has been hailed as a major milestone for businesses. Having a desktop computer with a dial-up Internet connection, a browser, and a suite of tools for word-processing, spreadsheets, and desktop publishing, was a huge step forward in the late 90s. It didn't matter that the computer had to sit on your desk, within reach of an electric outlet and a phone jack; the new capabilities were a huge step forward for commerce and consumers. Now, however, it is time to move on.

The Backend Goes to the Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) makes it possible to run your business entirely in the cloud, which means you need no physical resources, apart from the device of your choice, to represent the face of your company. The exciting implication is the ability to work from wherever you want. SaaS is computing in the cloud; it does the work on the back-end, removing the need for on-site file servers and the facilities that support them.

The global market for SaaS was $49 billion in 2015 and is growing at a rate of 8.14% per annum, according to Forbes. There is a good reason for this; computing in the cloud reduces capital costs to the price of devices and a monthly subscription. It is available for smart mortgage business leaders to use to their competitive advantage.

The Front End Moves Into Browsers and Apps

Thanks to today’s technology, you can use the device of your choice to run your mortgage business completely from the cloud. When you can access all of your systems and documents from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, there is no more need for either the desktop PC or the desk. With the right SaaS mortgage application management system, you will have secure access to everything that you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Best of all, you can focus on your business securely, without distractions, and with support when you need it. Mobile browsing makes a huge difference in how consumers and business users experience the internet. When the front end of your business process is on the device in your hand, you have full control of all your customer’s needs.

The Connection Goes Mobile

Mobile technology may seem incredibly futuristic, but it hasn’t reached its peak yet. 4G connections will double the average speed of data delivery by 2020 to 36,363 kbps, according to Mobile Future. For the time being, though, mobile connections are still pretty darn fast. You don't even need to work from home or the local coffeehouse to connect to a wi-fi hotspot; mobile can now connect wherever you are (assuming good network coverage).

At the beginning of 2016, the major mobile networks covered between 70 and 87 percent of the country, with the best coverage in the most urbanized areas and the poorest in the most rural. The result is that, unless you are working in a remote, rural community, you can meet with clients and coworkers, and share all of the documents you need to complete financing activities via mobile, without delays or interruptions.

Gone the Way of the Filing Cabinet

When your real estate financial services business uses mobile devices and SaaS connectivity, you do not need to let the technology dictate the way that you conduct your business. Access Business Technologies specializes in providing SaaS platforms and tools for productivity and documentation, all while supporting security and mortgage industry compliance standards.

As the front end dissolves into your browser, and the backend systems migrate to the cloud, there is not much reason left to hold on to those old desktop computers. If you have not yet moved to the cloud, the time to do so is now.

DeviceGuardian™ provides a holistic solution to controlling security and maintaining compliance across multiple devices. This powerful tool is easy to install on any new or existing device, and allows ABT to securely manage all of your mortgage software, data, and users, without driving up operating expenses or reducing efficiency. Best of all, the protection provided by DeviceGuardian™ makes all of your devices compliant with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations.

We earned a 97% customer satisfaction rating for 2014 and 2015 by consistently delivering competitive, compliant, and secure IT support to our clients. To begin finding the right SaaS solution for your business, contact Access Business Technologies today.

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