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Luke D Shawver

Luke is a marketing, graphic design and web site developing expert for over 10 years. Owner of and marketing director of Access Business Technologies.

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ABT will be at the annual MBA Technology convention in Chicago

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ABT will be at the Experience 17 convention in Las Vegas

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ABT will be at the annual MBA convention in Boston

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Petya: A New Ransomware Threat

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The Northern State BIA Home Tour

The North State Building Industry Association (BIA) is hosting a home tour.  This home tour brings together some of Sacramento's best home builders to give a fun and interactive tour of model homes in the region. The Sacramento Tri-County area is considered to be in a industry shortage, however there is currently 130 developments, building a total of 11,000 units.  These should be finished by the end of 2016 and are not featured on Metro List.

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What Mortgage Companies Should Know About Ransomware

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ABT Security Recommendations: Creating Stronger Passwords for Stronger Protection

Hackers are more persistent now than ever before, and they’ll stop at nothing to get at your sensitive data. International hackers are now specifically targeting mortgage companies because of the wealth of personal information contained in their systems. Mortgage businesses are among the largest security targets, due to the fact that they deal with the largest amount of personal information that can be used for identity theft.

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Improve Mortgage Company Security with Centralized Cloud Computing

More and more, financial institutions are being forced to grapple with security issues, concerning the advanced technologies their employees and vendors are using in day-to-day business. While some are embracing SaaS cloud computing for a more centralized and secure way of lending, others are apprehensive about embracing the transition.

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Mortgage Company Security is Vital for Long-Term Sustainability

Mortgage companies gather loads of personal data from applicants and customers, making the security measures they put in place of the utmost importance. Traditional IT systems provide little (if any) protection from security breaches, theft or loss of hardware, or unexpected disasters. As a result, mortgage firms need to find solutions that will keep both their and their clients’ information safe.

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How Software "Solutions” are Creating Conflict Between Your Mortgage Data Sources

The pace of software solutions and technological upgrades in the financial market has been remarkable. There are countless Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions now available to help manage, distribute, and optimize financial products and mortgage data. While each solution has a specific benefit, the combination of them all can create significant conflict and dissonance between systems. As a result, more and more mortgage companies are finding themselves in need of a cost-effective data interface solution that can create better data harmony.

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