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Easing Mortgage Customers’ Concerns About Giving Out Private Information

easing-mortgage-customer-concerns.jpgIn order to apply for a mortgage, borrowers must turn over some very personal information. So it comes as no surprise that many borrowers are concerned with the security of their mortgage lenders’ networks.

What will happen, they wonder, if a hacker does come after your company? Are you an easy target, or do you have the security in place to keep their vital financial information from being stolen?

When you have the best tools and security systems in place for your mortgage company, you can ease your customers concerns and make it easier for you both to sleep at night.

DeviceGuardian™ Protects Every Device Used by Your Company

Chances are, users throughout your company are using their own devices to access the company’s network, applications, and files. With device management software like DeviceGuardian™, every device is protected—no matter when or where it’s being used. You don't have to worry about whether private customer information will be stolen from an employee's phone, tablet, or laptop when DeviceGuardian™ is there, keeping a virtual eye on every aspect of your security.

Security Built for Mortgage Companies

There are plenty of security companies out there that provide hosted IT services for a variety of organizations. Those security companies are great, but they aren't focused on the threats that are specific to your industry.

When you use Access Business Technologies’ cloud IT services, you can reassure your clients that their private financial data is being protected by a security company that knows the mortgage industry just as well as you do—and that we're taking the steps necessary to ensure their privacy.

The financial industry requires a high level of security compliance in order to ensure that every device and every customer is protected. We're here to rise to the challenge, creating confidence in your borrowers that their information will not be stolen from your system.

Safer Emails That Protect Every Communication

Emails containing private details of your borrowers' finances pass through your system every day. If your borrowers are leery about sharing that information through email, you can offer them the reassurance that your email security is in full compliance.

You aren't working with a company that has a generic security solution for every business. Access Business Technologies offers email compliance guarantees specifically for financial institutions. That means that your email is automatically encrypted, providing an additional layer of protection for all of your customers. It's also immediately archived, which means that if you need to check back over previous discussions, that information is right there for you to view.

24/7 Support Means You're Always Protected

Security threats can arise at any time of the day or night. When it comes to information security, however, response time matters. When you use Access Business Technologies, you have 24/7 support that will provide fast answers in the event that your site is compromised.

Security isn't just about protecting against threats; it's about how you respond when a threat occurs. Let your clients know that if you are hacked, your business is prepared to respond quickly and efficiently. We'll know right away if a threat does occur, and we'll be ready to answer that threat as soon as possible.

Security across every device you use, from the phone or tablet in your hand to your desktop computer or even the cloud, is a critical part of ensuring your customers' security. At Access Business Technologies, we provide the high level of security that's necessary for a mortgage company to reassure their customers and themselves that their private information will be kept private.

If you're ready to start easing mortgage customers' concerns—not to mention soothe your own—contact us today to learn more about the security help we can offer your business. Your borrowers need security. We're here to provide it.

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