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Data Security: What Data Are Your Loan Officers Walking Away With?

Employee data security is no longer an option in the mortgage industry. It's a necessity. More employees than ever before in the mortgage industry are working from home, and branch offices are regularly moving between companies.  You don't want them moving your vaulable customer data with them.

Think about all of the different people who have the ability to access your company and customer data: employees, contractors, and even your very own mortgage officers. As employee data theft continues to become a mounting concern for mortgage companies, using foolproof cloud desktops is the best way to keep your data from walking out the door.  


Run Your Computer Desktops From The Cloud

As mortgage companies allow more employees to work from home and out of branch offices, they must take extra measures to guard against data loss, data theft, and fraud. The surefire way to do this is by completely controling the employee's software and data using the cloud. One of the newer forms of software that mortgage companies are relying on is Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

DaaS solutions, like MortgageWorkSpace, operate as cloud-based desktops, and are designed to look and function like the desktop of the user's PC. MortgageWorkSpace, and other DaaS programs, allow secure access to mortgage and financial systems, while guarding that sensitive mortgage data.

The secure virtual workspaces create communication between loan officers and your software servers. This offers precise security control. Manage security, user access, database management, and software systems through the MortgageWorkSpace system. 

In the event that that one of your loan officers is no longer with the company, and you'd like to revoke his access, there's a simple solution. Log into the administration dashboard of your network, and simply remove the user.

There are no laptops to recover, and the information is secure with one simple action to remove the mortgage loan officer's access. You have access to the server anywhere with an internet connection. If you're on vacation and you urgently need to manage a user's access, just find an internet-connected device, log in, and protect your system.

The cloud-service providers for MortgageWorkSpace are experts in IT security and infrastructure. The data center that was designed for cloud-based services has redundancy systems to provide power and internet access, even in the event of natural disasters. These redundancies meet the goal of achieving at least 99 percent uptime, which means quality software access no matter the location or business hours.

Cloud-Based Hosting

Moving your software to the cloud has many advantages and can be done with any number of software systems. This is a significant advantage over local installs. Laptops and mobile phones are prime targets for theft.

Thieves take time to bypass firewalls, passwords, and other security measures. With a virtual mortgage workplace, your software provider keeps the data on servers in a data center with 24/7 proactive security measures in place to prevent access to your hard data by anyone not qualified or responsible for handling your mortgage IT.  MortgageWorkSpace also provides access to a dedicated team of IT-security experts.

Expand Securely

A virtual workplace hosted on the cloud creates opportunities to set up business in a new location, to reduce current security costs, and to streamline your labor force. This expansion requires limited infrastructure and software costs. The system is scalable at the source.

While cheap expansion is good, increasing security at the same time is an innovative way to use modern mortgage management software to prevent data theft, increase your income, and build a successful business. A good DaaS mortgage-software provider, like ABT, understands your business unique business needs.

We continually examine the changing landscape of the mortgage industry and operate as a partner, always adding new functions and features that will help you maintain compliance and security on a continual basis. For more information about ensuring data security, and preventing data theft through our DaaS mortgage-management software, MortgageWorkSpace, please contact us.


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