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4 Reasons to Implement a Mortgage Business Intelligence Strategy

Posted by Steve Tschoepe on August 7, 2018

BI visuals help employees in the company get on the same page.

Business Intelligence (BI) has come a long way since its first implementation.

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Topics: Cloud Services, Business Intelligence, Mortgage BI

The Evolution From Old-School Reporting to Modern Data Warehousing

Posted by Justin Kirsch on October 27, 2016

Data warehousing is an out-of-date concept for many people, commonly associated with SQL, batch reporting, and long wait times in order to get any of the data. But today’s data warehouses are vastly different, and as a mortgage company, you have to look at the evolution of data warehousing and realize that old-school reporting and data storage may be driving you towards noncompliance.

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Topics: Business Intelligence, Mortgage BI, data warehousing