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Data Security: What Data Are Your Loan Officers Walking Away With?

Employee data security is no longer an option in the mortgage industry. It's a necessity. More employees than ever before in the mortgage industry are working from home, and branch offices are regularly moving between companies.  You don't want them moving your vaulable customer data with them.

Think about all of the different people who have the ability to access your company and customer data: employees, contractors, and even your very own mortgage officers. As employee data theft continues to become a mounting concern for mortgage companies, using foolproof cloud desktops is the best way to keep your data from walking out the door.  


Run Your Computer Desktops From The Cloud

As mortgage companies allow more employees to work from home and out of branch offices, they must take extra measures to guard against data loss, data theft, and fraud. The surefire way to do this is by completely controling the employee's software and data using the cloud. One of the newer forms of software that mortgage companies are relying on is Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

DaaS solutions, like MortgageWorkSpace, operate as cloud-based desktops, and are designed to look and function like the desktop of the user's PC. MortgageWorkSpace, and other DaaS programs, allow secure access to mortgage and financial systems, while guarding that sensitive mortgage data.

The secure virtual workspaces create communication between loan officers and your software servers. This offers precise security control. Manage security, user access, database management, and software systems through the MortgageWorkSpace system. 

In the event that that one of your loan officers is no longer with the company, and you'd like to revoke his access, there's a simple solution. Log into the administration dashboard of your network, and simply remove the user.

There are no laptops to recover, and the information is secure with one simple action to remove the mortgage loan officer's access. You have access to the server anywhere with an internet connection. If you're on vacation and you urgently need to manage a user's access, just find an internet-connected device, log in, and protect your system.

The cloud-service providers for MortgageWorkSpace are experts in IT security and infrastructure. The data center that was designed for cloud-based services has redundancy systems to provide power and internet access, even in the event of natural disasters. These redundancies meet the goal of achieving at least 99 percent uptime, which means quality software access no matter the location or business hours.

Cloud-Based Hosting

Moving your software to the cloud has many advantages and can be done with any number of software systems. This is a significant advantage over local installs. Laptops and mobile phones are prime targets for theft.

Thieves take time to bypass firewalls, passwords, and other security measures. With a virtual mortgage workplace, your software provider keeps the data on servers in a data center with 24/7 proactive security measures in place to prevent access to your hard data by anyone not qualified or responsible for handling your mortgage IT.  MortgageWorkSpace also provides access to a dedicated team of IT-security experts.

Expand Securely

A virtual workplace hosted on the cloud creates opportunities to set up business in a new location, to reduce current security costs, and to streamline your labor force. This expansion requires limited infrastructure and software costs. The system is scalable at the source.

While cheap expansion is good, increasing security at the same time is an innovative way to use modern mortgage management software to prevent data theft, increase your income, and build a successful business. A good DaaS mortgage-software provider, like ABT, understands your business unique business needs.

We continually examine the changing landscape of the mortgage industry and operate as a partner, always adding new functions and features that will help you maintain compliance and security on a continual basis. For more information about ensuring data security, and preventing data theft through our DaaS mortgage-management software, MortgageWorkSpace, please contact us.


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Why Mortgage Companies Need A Uniform Email Signature

Mortgage companies need a uniform email signature. Why can this be said with such confidence? Email signatures may be the most overlooked, under-appreciated, and cost-effective marketing tool at a mortgage company's disposal.



The benefits of a well-executed email signature are so great that mortgage companies of any size should view it as a required component of any email-management solution. What are some specific benefits that a uniform email signature has to offer?  

1) Project the kind of image you want to convey to your clients.

Your employees are professional, and they represent your company in every communication with a client. Just as you would expect written communication from your employees to your clients to be on company letterhead with your recognizable and distinctive company logo, so too should your email correspondence convey your company image properly. A well-designed email signature can accomplish this easily and effectively.

2) Optimize your marketing strategy.

When communication between your lenders and your clients is conducted via face-to-face interaction, it is standard for your mortgage lenders to hand clients a business card with contact informatio. Much thought goes into the design of business cards, as they are a well-recognized part of a solid marketing strategy. In the world of digital communications, a uniform email signature serves much the same purpose. Like a business card left in the appreciative hand of a client, an email signature contains valuable information for the client's convenience.

How does this drive sales? Email signatures contain information that the client needs in order to get back in touch with your lender. A well-designed email signature should contain all the information a prospective client needs to contact your company again. It provides a menu of available touch points and makes it easy to connect with the right person in the right department of your company. Prospective clients provided with this type of information will be more likely to communicate with your lender again. As mortgage lenders know, each interaction with a prospect is an opportunity to close the deal.

3) Ensure compliance with SAFE Act requirements.

The SAFE Act mandates that all mortgage loan officers provide their NMLS ID number with their initial communication with a client, whether that communication is written or electronic in nature. Additionally, most states have adopted a provision that requires mortgage loan officers to display the NMLS ID number on all solicitation and advertisements. This provision includes email as well. Including this essential information as part of a uniform email signature meets this requirement easily, and ensures compliance with the SAFE Act.

4) Minimizes confidentiality and privacy risks.

On the subject of compliance, a uniform email signature can also include confidentiality, legal, and privacy disclaimers which, when clearly worded, serve to protect mortgage companies and their clients.

These benefits make it clear that mortgage companies can profit from using a uniform email-signature solution. ABT's Mortgage Email Solution fits the unique needs of the mortgage industry by providing a central place to manage all your organization's email signatures.

It adds professional and consistent branded signatures to all email sent through ABT's Mortgage Email Service. An attractive added feature is the ability to choose between a comprehensive template library or, if you prefer, to create your own email signature designs.

Rather than just a generic "Yours truly" added at the end of your correspondence, you can design the perfect email signature template, complete with your company logo, legal disclaimers, marketing banners, social-media links, and more. Though the email signatures can be designed differently for different teams and departments, ABT's Mortgage Email Solution will ensure that your company message is consistent throughout with auto-completed details like mortgage loan officer names, NMLS ID numbers, departments, and job titles.

Because ABT's Mortgage Email Signature Solution is completely compatible with MortgageWorkSpace, your loan officers and other employees can maintain their own details like phone numbers, addresses, and NMLS numbers from theMortgageWorkSpace profile manager with ease. This ensures that email signatures are always up-to-date and can easily be distributed.

Since your staff is likely on the go, a real bonus of ABT's Mortgage Email Signature Solution is that with it you can access full HTML signatures on all types of mobile devices including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and iPad. No matter where your team members are, they can send emails with appropriate signatures from anywhere at any time.

If you would welcome more information about how ABT's Mortgage Email Signature Solution can generate more business, ensure compliance with the SAFE Act, and minimize confidentiality and privacy risks for your mortgage company, please contact us. We look forward to demonstrating how ABT meets and exceeds the expectations of our mortgage industry clients every day.


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From Good To Great: Why Office 365 Email Needs ABT

While many businesses rely on the email component connected with Enterprise Office 365, mortgage lenders profit by pairing Office 365 Email with ABT's Mortgage Email Solution. Why does Office 365 Email need ABT's offering?


As it currently stands, Office 365 email is not configured to meet the compliance and security standards specific to the mortgage industry. Due to the inherent privacy concerns when corresponding via email with clients and others involved in mortgage lending decisions, there is great responsibility placed on each employee within your company to maintain the privacy of clients at all times. To that end, your email offering should include such components as message encryption, legal hold, and rights management. While Office 365 email works well as a starting point, it is not specifically designed to meet these requirements so essential to the mortgage industry.

Additionally, Office 365 may not fully meet your needs with maintaining a business continuity plan. Without the supplemental help of ABT's email solution, it lacks adequate data loss prevention strategies for the mortgage industry. Consider the impact of data loss on your business processes. Since email is a mission-critical service, it is unwise to put all your eggs in one vendor basket, so to speak. Since Office 365 does not guarantee 100 percent up time or data recovery, it is wise to pair it with another email solution, so that gaps in usage can be managed optimally. 

Fortunately, that solution is easily available with ABT's Mortgage Email offering. Designed specifically for the mortgage industry, it meets all the security and compliance standards as they exist today. This means that with ABT, you now have secure messaging, enhanced email continuity, archiving, legal hold, rights management, data loss prevention, and eDiscovery capabilities, all wrapped up in one, smooth, seamless application.

If this sounds great, it truly is. ABT is committed to servicing the mortgage industry with superior tools at every juncture. ABT continually examines the changing landscape of the mortgage industry and adds new custom features that help you maintain compliance and security from implementation forward.

For example, ABT's new mortgage email-signature feature offers a custom email signature that meets the compliance required for disclosures like NMLS numbers. Right now, most mortgage companies are considering adding centrally controlled email signatures to make certain that they meet these regulations. The Office 365 central email-signature solution by itself lacks key features like the ability to insert the signature directly under the latest email reply or the ability to block existing email signatures in Outlook. With key features such as these missing from Office 365, it is unlikely that your company can meet compliance standards without additional support. However, with ABT's email solution, you can add this feature easily.

Regarding archiving of email communications, ABT's email archiving solution is independent of your Office 365 environment and has the capacity to store unlimited email messages located in three different geographies within the U.S. Archiving includes user-deleted messages, which offers you an extended period of time over which deleted or corrupted messages may be retrieved. And since you have unlimited storage capacity for your emails, there is a handy  search feature that allows you to locate and read even older emails with lightning speed and efficiency. This works well for mortgage lenders, who need to maintain email correspondence for legal reasons, as well as for the sake of convenience.

Additionally, with ABT's email solution, you have choices regarding how to deal with planned and unplanned outages. Because Office 365 does not guarantee up-times of 100 percent, this option is not available with Office 365 alone. When you partner your Office 365 email with ABT's email solution, however, you reduce the possibility of downtime, because even if an outage occurs with Office 365, ABT's email continuity service will allow you to continue to send and receive email during an outage of any part of Office 365 email infrastructure.

Considering the enhanced compliance and security features, the data loss prevention strategies, and the business continuity features, ABT's email offering is an attractive solution for the mortgage lender looking to augment the email capabilities of Office 365.

If you would welcome more information about ABT's mortgage-industry-specific solutions, please contact us. As leaders in the field, we will gladly demonstrate how our solutions will work for you.


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