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ABT Athletes Go To The Edge At "Tough Mudder"

What do the folks from Access Business Technologies do when they aren't hosting Mortgage Software for their clients???? Note to our clients: We still had our "after hours" support team and other team members available to handle any issues at the corporate office in Folsom CA.

On September 17th, a group of warriors (Team PowerCore) from ABT, went to the mountains.  Not for an ordinary hike, but to take on  one of the toughest events offered on the  continent...The Tough Mudder.

Map of the Tough Mudder Course

Tough Mudder is a series of obstacle course competitions that bill themselves as “probably the toughest one day event on the planet.” According to the New York Times. The “race” has partnered with the charity The Wounded Warrior Project, which helps wounded servicemen and women.

Tough Mudder NorCal raised more money for the Wounded Warrior Project than any other event to date. Thanks to all who donated and to the Marines along the course.

The ABT team ready for adventure.  Goup shot resized 600

The 11 mile course started at the bottom of what turned out to be a long climb.  

Start resized 600





When they reach the top the participants will have climbed 2300 feet in elevation. 



As if that wasn't enough, the Tough Mudder course designers threw in all types of obstacles.

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   describe the image    2011 Tough Mudder NorCal Gudkov 0714 160x120 resized 600      2011 Tough Mudder NorCal Gudkov 0895 160x120

Hours later the group came back together to celebrate a great finish to a long and grueling day.

after the race

Congratulations Team.


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Our Newest Mortgage Software Hosting Environment

We would like to announce our latest data center roll out.  This data center hosting environment was launched specifically to provide an even better user experience for our Midwest and East Coast customers.Data Center with world

 It is expected this new data center will grow ABT’s East Coast customer base by providing ABT’s brand of excellent user experience, system reliability and customer service. ABT provides hosting for the mortgage industry leading software vendors; Calyx Software, DMD DataTrac, Ellie Mae Encompass and Harland Financial Services E3 and Servicing Director.  With this hosting environment our Midwest and East clients will experience even faster access and response times.

“Our customers rely on ABT to maintain and deliver their software flawlessly.  The user experience is everything” says ABT’s President Justin Kirsch.  “Over the last 3 years ABT has seen a steady increase in the number of customers in the Midwest and Eastern United States. This Data Center represents months of analysis looking for a data center location that was the best fit for ABT’s future growth in those areas”.

 ABT’s newest hosting environment has class leading security, a solid infrastructure providing system redundancy for cooling, power, and ISP carriers. The location is perfect for our Midwest and East Coast customers because it sits directly on one of the major internet intersections in the country.

 We will begin moving current customers into this facility immediately.

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SAS 70 Type II and mortgage software hosting.

We received our updated SAS 70 Type II report today.  I can now get this out to the banks and credit unions who host their mortgage software with us.  Each year banking regulators come into their offices to check on the processes that are in place to protect client information.  Other than a mortgage loan document I honestly don't know of a single document that contains more sensitive personal data on it. Banking regulators want to make sure that data is safe and secure.  ABT has taken on the task of securing this certification ourselves.  ABT SAS 70 Type II
We do not rely on our data centers.  We engage a 3rd party auditing company who comes in and reviews our processes and environment.  If a process does not hold up an exception report is created listing the items that need "fixing".

Note: The difference between SAS 70 and SAS 70 Type II is

  • In a SAS 70, you document the processes you follow to safeguard data. Auditors review these documents.
  • In a SAS 70 Type II the Auditors come in and review the actual environment.  They review your internal testing and system reports.  In other words you need to prove you do what you say you did in the SAS 70 Type I document.

We are pleased to finally have this latest audit completed and in hand...just in time for our client's regulatory reviews.

I hope you find this helpful, thanks for your time


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