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How New York’s Latest Cyber Security Law Will Impact You

New cyber security laws in New York mean strict accountability for businesses.

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Business Data Security and Multi-Factor Authentication

  Get an extra level of security with multi-factor authentication or MFA.

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Solid Steps to Safeguard Against Meltdown and Spectre

ghjfj.jpgTwo defects threaten computers and devices released on the market since 1995.

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Lawmakers Crack Down on Consumer Data Breaches


New bill to increase cybersecurity oversight in the United States.

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Guide to New York’s Cybersecurity Regulations

The deadline is less than a month away.

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Cloud Storage Reduces IT Costs and Improves Scalability for Mortgage Companies

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Cyber Security Trends Put You, Your Company, and Your Devices at Risk


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What Your Mortage Company Needs to Know about HOEPA

Congress passed the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA) in 1994 as an amendment to the Truth in Lending Act. The legislative intent was to tackle the abuses in the mortgage refinancing industry and with respect to home equity loans that charge high interest rates or high fees. Below is some basic information about loans and required disclosures you should be familiar with as a mortgage company.

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Leverage Your Cloud Software for a More Efficient Workflow


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3 Tips to Help Defend Your Mortgage Company from Cyber Threats

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