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Mortgage Companies Can Reduce Costs When Employees Work From Home

Posted by Justin Kirsch on June 30, 2015

Higher mortgage rates and stagnant housing inventory pools may be the reason for a drop in the number of mortgage loan applications. As the country continues to struggle up from the depths of the Great Recession, housing starts and real-estate transactions remain at the back of the pack in terms of recovery pace. Although things have improved (in April 2014, loan application submissions were 11 percent lower), mortgage companies must still keep their eyes on the razor slim margins they now maintain.

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Mortgages Companies Urgently Need Information Security Protocols

Posted by Justin Kirsch on June 23, 2015

In the wake of data breaches of major financial institutions like JPMorgan, it is increasingly obvious that comprehensive measures must be taken to protect sensitive client information at financial institutions. A 2014 study by HALOCK Security Labs reveals startling statistics about major deficits in security measures among mortgage lenders nationwide. Of those surveyed, the company found that 70 percent permitted applicants to send personal and financial information over unencrypted email as email attachments, including such sensitive documents as tax documentation, and even W-2s. Terry Kurzynski, senior partner at HALOCK Security Labs says:

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Increase Your Data Security With The Right Email Service

Posted by Justin Kirsch on June 16, 2015

In the mortgage industry, one of the often overlooked areas of data security is your email platform. Email gives your business the ability to communicate in real time with customers, realtors, and other financial institutions. With so much versatility and access, it makes sense that many data breaches happen via email systems.

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Logjam Threat: MortgageWorkSpace Is Meeting The Challenge

Posted by Justin Kirsch on June 3, 2015

For mortgage bankers, data security is a major concern. Most of the information with which mortgage companies work is sensitive and personal. Recently, a major threat has been identified that could significantly impact mortgage companies around the world.

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Cloud-Based Security Is The Future For Mortgage Companies

Posted by Justin Kirsch on June 2, 2015


As technology evolves, mortgage companies must change their systems, security plans, and business processes in order to meet current and future security challenges. Cloud-based information systems enable companies to manage employees in diverse locations and situations, increase locations with limited infrastructure, and aid in security and data recovery.

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