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Can Your Mortgage Business Use BitLocker Without TPM?

Posted by Justin Kirsch on September 29, 2016

The theft of a computer can be bad news for your mortgage business. It's not just the cost of replacing it; insurance should cover that. It's the prospect of letting confidential information into the hands of thieves. Confidentiality is vital to the mortgage business. Even computers sitting on desktops can be stolen.

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Why Hard Drive Encryption is Important for Mortgage Companies

Posted by Justin Kirsch on September 1, 2016

Is your mortgage company encrypting the hard drives of the devices it uses to conduct daily business? Here’s a better question: Could your mortgage company withstand the potentially catastrophic fallout that would occur if a computer containing confidential client information was stolen and fell into the wrong hands? What about the regulatory repercussions and lack of customer confidence that such an event would cause?

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