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Why a "Cloud Based" Software Interface is a winner?

What is a Software Interface?describe the image

A software interface should seamlessly connect your software (in this case two mortgage software platforms) and move data to other services.  For example; a mortgage loan origination software to a core banking system. This movement of data should be easy, secure and in the best scenarios totally automated. Some Mortgage software applications provide "built-in" connectivity.  But if they don't this can cause a huge disruption in moving data through your business work flow. Don't think your only alternative is to manually re-enter data from one system to the next.

What is MortgageExchange?

MortgageExchange is a tool which provides a time-saving and accurate way of moving mortgage date.  A huge improvement over hand-keying.  Why "Cloud Based", nothing to worry about the entire process is controlled and monitored for accuracy to fit your needs.  About as seamless as you can get.

 Benefits and Advantages

 There are several benefits avoiding unnecessary errors, considerable time saving by eliminating manual data entry and best of all the process can be practically seamless. The advantages are no servers are required or coding and maintenance. Using an interface such as MortgageExchange will ensure improved work flow. 

 Why should I chose MortgageExchange interface software?

 Mortgage Software interface will give your business the edge. MortgageExchange software is used with systems such as: Prime Alliance/Mortgage Cadence, OSI's Core System, Harland's Servicing Director, Harland's Ultra Data Core System, FICS' Core system, Jack Henry's SilverLake Core System, Mortgage Computer Systems and many others.

 MortgageExchange software interface will advance your systems beyond their present capabilities. It will give you additional data leverage by establishing rules and processes when moving data from one system to the other.

  Ease of Use

  Because the MortgageExchange interface is based in a cloud, the low monthly hosting fee covers maintenance and ongoing support.  ABT works with you to customize the system making sure the data integration is designed to fit your unique business needs.

 Peace of mind

 MortgageExchange software ensures your data is secure and accurate as it moves from one system to the next. Providing a seamless, secure and trouble free solution when connecting your mortgage software to other services. This will save time, money and remove the risk of data entry errors, removing your data flow roadblocks. This cloud based interface is definitely a winner.

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