Gain Peace of Mind

Gain a thorough evaluation of your Microsoft tenancy, identifying potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could put your organization at risk

Microsoft Secure Score

Receive a detailed analysis of your Microsoft Secure Score, giving you valuable insights into your current security posture and areas for improvement

Cyber Defense Action Plan

Get a customized action plan that outlines specific steps to enhance your security, accompanied by comprehensive recommendations and instructions

Empower your defense with our comprehensive assessment and action plan.

Our expert evaluation dives deep into your Microsoft tenancy, meticulously identifying potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could jeopardize your organization's security. You'll receive a comprehensive analysis of your Microsoft Secure Score, providing valuable insights into your current security posture and highlighting areas for improvement. But it doesn't stop there. Our Cyber Defense Action Plan delivers a personalized roadmap to fortify your defenses, outlining specific steps and comprehensive recommendations to enhance your security. With our assessment in hand, you'll have the knowledge and guidance to proactively safeguard your digital assets and stay one step ahead of potential threats.

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What we assess:

  • Exchange Online and EOP/ATP: Evaluate your email security measures and protect against advanced threats.

  • Guest Access: Assess security protocols for guest users to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Incident-Response Processes: Review and improve your incident response procedures to minimize the impact of security breaches.

  • Azure Active Directory: Ensure robust authentication and access controls for your Azure environment.

  • SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business: Identify potential data leakage risks and strengthen document security.

  • Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Online: Evaluate communication platforms for potential vulnerabilities and secure collaboration.

  • Auditing and Reporting: Assess your organization's logging and monitoring capabilities for better visibility into security events.

  • Device Management: Identify weaknesses in device management and recommend strategies to enhance security.



Taking advantage of our Cybersecurity Assessment is a simple three-step process:


Contact us to schedule your assessment and provide us access to your Microsoft tenancy


Our expert security operations team will perform a thorough evaluation, examining various components of your Microsoft 365 configuration and business processes.

Action Plan

Receive your assessment report, including your Microsoft Secure Score and a personalized Cyber Defense Action Plan. Implement the recommended measures yourself or let us guide you to achieve a robust 90% security score.

Enhance your security posture today.

Our Cybersecurity Assessment provides you with a comprehensive evaluation of your Microsoft tenancy, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your current security status. With the assessment report in hand, you'll receive detailed instructions on implementing effective security policies that are not currently in place. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to enhance your security posture and safeguard your critical assets.

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Contact us to schedule your Cybersecurity Assessment: