The Secure Way for Borrowers to Send You Documents

DocumentGuardian® is a comprehensive document management system designed specifically for the mortgage industry. It starts by providing the Borrower with a secure and easy way to send their NPI (Non-Public Information) documents without registering or creating a password. 

DocumentGuardian® is the safest and easiest way for your borrowers to send you NPI (non-public information) documents. Compliance auditors recommend it because unlike box-type file sharing apps, DocumentGuardian stores your borrower documents only in our secure data center, not on individual computers and mobile devices.

Your borrower never has to email you sensitive documents again. Send your borrower a link to your secure document drop web page. Your borrower needs only to drag and drop documents onto your private web page --no registration, user name or passwords necessary. Documents are automatically uploaded directly to your secure document folder on the cloud.

  • DocumentGuardian, your compliant encryption option for receiving your borrowers sensitive documents
  • Your borrowers simply drag and drop files/documents to your private and secure web page
  • No need to register or create user names and passwords to securely send documents
  • Unlimited borrower document uploads
  • No software to download

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