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The Easy Way for Borrowers to Send Encrypted Documents

Add a secure send link to your email signature so your borrowers stop emailing you their personal information.


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No Borrower Login

Effortless security and control without requiring your borrowers to create an account. Drag, drop, send - no password required.

Send Large Disclosure Packages

DocumentGuardian enables you to send and receive extra-large file attachments -- up to 5x bigger than the 20 MB Outlook limitation.

Avoid Compliance

Don't be the lender who is caught with borrowers' sensitive information in an unprotected email. Protect your reputation and your borrower's data.


Make a strong security-first impression with DocumentGuardian

Encryption is the best way to protect your client's sensitive information, especially now that more and more laws regarding data security are being imposed. With DocumentGuardian, you can give potential clients peace of mind knowing that you take their security seriously, which can lead to more closed loans.

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Every loan officer should have this. Even though I have a secure website I have my clients upload documents to, they have to sign in and create a password. I still have renegade clients that just email to me and I can't control them from doing it. This way, it is as easy for them as email.
Debbie Cheselske
C2 Financial Corporation

Get Enterprise DocumentGuardian and fully integrate with Microsoft 365:

  • Automatic Account Creation
  • Single Sign-On
  • Custom Branding
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Using Document Guardian is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Click link to request documents from your borrower 
Borrower receives email, clicks to upload document with no username or password required
You now have access to the file in your DocumentGuardian Portal
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