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Mobile Security for Your Mortgage Firm: Preventing Threats While Out in the Field

mobile securityIn today’s increasingly mobile world, more and more businesses are allowing their employees to use their mobile devices for work, especially when those employees are on the road or working from home. As a result, mobile security is more important than ever for protecting businesses from the threat of an information breach. In fact, despite mounting evidence of growing security threats, many companies still disregard mobile security as a priority. And in the mortgage industry, where your company handles such quantities of private information, ignoring security on mobile devices is a gamble you cannot afford to make.

The truth is that mobile devices can become vulnerable targets to online thieves in many situations. As Bankrate noted last year, mortgage lenders, especially, are a major target of hackers because of the comprehensive private information available to steal.

As your loan officers do more and more from their mobile devices, what other security issues could happen that may compromise company data?

Let's take a look at a couple of the potential threats and how our trademarked tools here at Access Business Technologies can solve your biggest concerns.

Unreliable Public Wi-Fi Networks

When your loan officers are on the road, chances are they will find themselves, at one point or another, sitting in a coffee shop or restaurant taking advantage of the free wi-fi connection as they meet with a client or tackle some work with their breakfast. However, as Forbes noted last year, public wi-fI networks are incredibly vulnerable to hackers.

Hackers, with only the click of a button, can monitor and hijack logins, passwords, and email or chat communications, among other things. And, when those communications include the highly-sensitive financial data that is an everyday part of your loan officer’s work, a breach of this information could prove catastrophic for your mortgage firm.

Lost or Stolen Devices

Mobile devices themselves (including laptops) are vulnerable to security threats, but many mortgage firms forget the threat of simple human error. When a device is lost or stolen from one of your loan officers, the data on that device is at the mercy of whoever finds it. Any files, passwords, or client information stored on that device are now susceptible to theft. Even with your data backed up and stored on a cloud server somewhere, if that information is also stored on the device, the threat of a breach is huge.

How DeviceGuardian™ can Help

Here at Access Business Technologies, our mobile management tools provide the best security measures in the market so your mobile devices don't become sitting targets. Configured specifically for the unique challenges and regulations of the mortgage industry, with tools like DeviceGuardian™, your mortgage firm can protect every mobile device being used by your employees.

DeviceGuardian™ provides hard drive encryption and complete protection from hackers, identity theft, malware and viruses, so no matter where your loan officers are or what device they’re using, they can be sure their clients’ information is safe. The software is regularly and automatically updated to ensure that your devices are protected from the latest threats. And, if a device does end up lost or stolen, DeviceGuardian™ allows you to remotely wipe the device so any valuable information is completely erased before it ends up in the wrong hands.

This easy-to-use software operates across all popular platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, and is easily integrated with your other mortgage software, including our cloud-based desktop computing service, MortgageWorkSpace™.

In an age where information security is more important than ever, it is crucial that mortgage firms protect themselves and their customers. Contact us here at Access Business Technologies to learn more about DeviceGuardian™, as well as our other tools, and how they can help protect, control, and manage your mortgage business.

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