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Providing Mobility and Peace of Mind for Your Mortgage Loan Officers


The age of mobility in the workplace is well underway, with BYOD policies active in more and more companies. With statistics showing 74% of organizations use some sort of BYOD policy, there’s no reason why your mortgage company can't do the same. Increased mobility allows your lenders to work outside the confines of the office and reach clients more easily.

However, with increased mobility and BYOD policies comes the problem of security and efficiency while handling sensitive mortgage data. Though your mortgage loan officers may already be working in the field on mobile devices, they may not be taking the adequate precautions with the security of the information they are handling. Or, on the other hand, a lack of mobile security may be preventing your employees from having the kind of mobility they need to excel in their jobs.

If the computers and devices your loan officers use don’t have adequate security, you only place more stress on them. When your loan officers have no peace of mind while doing work on their devices, it creates myriad problems for how they deal with client data.

It's time you gave them more peace in their job by using a managed service that works with your existing mortgage software. Here at Access Business Technologies, we can provide this for you with MortgageWorkSpace™ as a managed mortgage desktop in the cloud.

More Peace of Mind Working with Applications

As you're fully aware, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations are very strict now, when it comes to managing private client data. These regulations affect all mortgage companies, including non-banks. It pays to keep up on their regulations to remind yourself of what's at stake. Even so, you're probably still concerned that the devices your loan officers use are not secure enough, especially when it comes to mobile devices.

Public Wi-Fi systems are an ever-present threat if your lenders are working in public spaces or meeting with clients, and many of those Wi-Fi systems lack any security measures. This could mean that a nearby hacker could infiltrate their mobile device and extract personal data as it's entered, without your employees even knowing.

MortgageWorkSpace™, as well as DeviceGuardian™, add reliable security to your existing mortgage software. When you're dealing with digital or mobile applications during the loan process, you do not want those files stored directly on your device for hackers to openly steal. Instead, your mortgage applications go directly to our cloud server where you'll have 24/7 security protection and monitoring.

This shows how much difference it makes using a quality managed service in concert with your mortgage software.

More Peace of Mind with Integration

Integrating new systems with existing mortgage software isn't always an easy process. MortgageWorkSpace™ integrates perfectly with all existing mortgage software, so there’s no steep learning curve. This easy integration applies to any desktop or mobile device, so everything is ready to go the same day.

By hosting your entire mortgage desktop in the cloud, retrieval of data is easy and instantly accessible, no matter where your lenders are or what device they’re using. And best of all, there is no time wasted having to learn complicated new procedures.

More Peace of Mind with Updates or Upgrades

Now that you know you can give your loan officers peace of mind with added security (including the best encryption technology), you can also help them with updates and upgrades. Having to do both on their existing software is already a pain. It's easy to forget or ignore updates, leaving your lenders vulnerable once again to viruses or other threats.

MortgageWorkSpace™ does all this for you as a quality managed service does. Most of all, scalability is more than possible when you quickly need extra storage space for your data. The cloud is flexible for those times when you get an influx of business and need to upgrade the same day.

Contact us here at Access Business Technologies to find out how MortgageWorkSpace™ can create peace of mind for you and your lenders in this increasingly mobile world.

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