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6 Ways to Improve Your Mortgage Marketing Outreach

mortgage marketing outreach.jpgThe success of a mortgage lender directly correlates to the success of their marketing strategy. Every mortgage officer knows how to secure and close a loan, but effective marketing keeps new clients coming in. While many traditional methods still work, consider adding other marketing methods to your repertoire to help secure new leads and further the success of your mortgage business.

Here are six tips for improving your mortgage marketing outreach.

1. Stand Out

Don't try to push yourself on the client. Pull them to you! Everyone tries to market themselves as offering the lowest rates, and that message not only bores potential customers, but it also won’t help you stand out. Figure out what will make clients remember you. Often, the best way to do that is to provide information that no one else can. The questions your clients ask, recent news in your industry, or common email inquiries are all great fodder for marketing materials. Take the questions you get and turn them into blog posts, newsletters, or informational emails.

2. Give Back

Getting more involved in your community will generate more leads than any professional lead service. People go to those they trust for services. Whether you choose to volunteer in your congregation, become active in the PTO, sponsor/coach a sports team, or volunteer at the local Habitat for Humanity, pick something and give back. Your generosity will stand out, and people will seek you out because they know you.

3. Write “Thank You” Notes

Not only write them, but write them often. This by-gone tradition has a personal touch that will stick with your social circle. You do not have to limit yourself to just clients, either. Write your mail carrier, your doctor, your babysitter, anyone that performs a service for you. Not only does it make you memorable and keep you top of mind with potential clients, but it's also a good personal habit to get into, as it reminds you to be positive and appreciative. Plus, people love receiving mail that isn’t a bill.

4. Follow Through on Every Marketing Lead

Many individuals can figure out what marketing strategy they want to use, but fewer have the proper follow-through. Following up with clients forms the basis of any successful business. Spending a portion of each day purely on follow-up will greatly benefit your business down the line.

5. Be a Resource (Even if it Doesn't Necessarily Generate Leads)

By releasing content such as blog articles, newsletters, and informational emails that lack a direct marketing angle, you establish yourself as an authority in your industry. This could be the little bit that makes you stand out to a potential client, especially if they are from out of town and are looking to get to know the community.

6. Partner With Fellow Community Members

Get in touch with real estate or insurance agents in your community, and offer to buy them coffee. Helping those tangentially involved in your business is one of the best ways to generate leads. Clients have a good rapport with your partners from already using them, so they will trust the referral.

You Don't Have To Do it Alone

Many consider marketing a full-time job in itself, on top of the business you are already trying to run. Mortgage lenders increasingly have to conform to security compliance standards with regard to personal identifiable information (PII). Some marketing efforts will inevitably use previously gathered PII. So, how do you stay on top of email compliance, document safety, and device encryption while marketing and closing loans? You don't. You hire a professional to help you, because that list requires more than one person to accomplish it successfully. You need to focus on growing and working your existing business.

Enter ABT and our suite of cloud-based tools. Using tools like DeviceGuardian™, EmailGuardian™, and DocumentGuardian™, mortgage lenders are able to close more homes, more efficiently. The MortgageWorkSpace® suite allows you to work from the cloud, wherever you  are, ensuring you never have to worry about security or compliance. Focus on marketing and closing loans. You can send us a thank you card later.

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