Providing Technology Solutions for the Mortgage Industry


Reduce costs and increase productivity while staying ahead of the auditors. Having developed thousands of technology solutions for mortgage companies, ABT has the industry relationships and experience to solve real problems fast.

We understand your business because ABT’s leadership team has a highly successful 15 year history of solving the most difficult mortgage technology challenges. MortgageWorkSpace® is designed specifically for the mortgage industry and we offer you your very own account executive and an entire deployment team.

Document Management

We've created a document management system that exceeds FFIEC standards and comes pre-configured so you can ensure your borrowers are protected. With DocumentGuardian your borrowers won't accidently send a tax return that is not encrypted. We have tools in place to ensure that your data doesn't get leaked to your competitors and your employees aren't creating copies and saving them to their personal devices. Your documents will be organized and the ones that are supposed to be saved and archived will be and the ones that should be deleted will be safely deleted.

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Device Management & Security

Around-the-clock protection from mortgage specific security threats

Modern day employees demand the ability to work from any device on any operating system. While this can dramatically increase your business productivity and profit margins it can also make keeping your data and network secure a nightmare. With ABT's DeviceGuardian you can enable your users to use any device with any app all while protecting all of the data and other devices in your network.

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Email Compliance

There are hundreds of email encryption options available but only ABT's EmailGuardian is designed specifically for Banks, Credit Unions and Mortgage companies. We combine automatic encryption rules with automatic archiving and business continuity. We make email safer and less complex. Office 365 cloud based email offers increased reliability and productivity but you need EmailGuardian to make sure it's secure and always available.

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Office 365 Mortgage

Moving IT infrastructure to the cloud with Office 365 holds the possibility of increasing productivity, lowering costs and even meeting compliance and security requirements if done correctly. However, the standard implementation, configuration, and tools that come with Office 365 don’t solve the mortgage puzzle. Simply deploying Office 365 out-of-the-box can create frustration and confusion for mortgage professionals and big headaches for the IT team; unfortunately this sometimes creates a new opportunity for hackers.


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Software Application Management

Calyx PointCentral, Encompass 360 and Byte Enterprise are the market leaders in Loan Origination Software. ABT has nurtured our long standing partnerships to bring you a high level of expertise when iT comes to deploying virtual servers, server hosting and client end installations, upgrades and configurations. Loan Origination systems are constantly requiring service patches, software updates and new installations. To stay competitive you need to be able to deploy software updates to hundreds of users at a time. You need to ensure that when you do roll out a new version of software that it's going to play well with the other applications you use to run your business. ABT takes control of building a test environment with your current applications and only updates your software when it's safe.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The vast majority of Banks, Credit Unions and Mortgage Companies are still using traditional On-Premises IT infastructure. You've invested tens of thousands of dollars not to mention hundreds of man hours on your current environment. You have a system that works but you know it's just a matter of time before your business needs to utilize the vast resources of Office 365 and the Azure cloud. With our Hybrid cloud solutions you can keep all of your existing IT infrastructure while migrating a fraction of your business to the cloud. Your on premises servers are synced with your new cloud based servers. Users can authenticate to your on premises network or the your new cloud based network. You can make the transition over years not weeks.

24/7 Tech Support

The need for around-the-clock, safeguarded protection from security threats is crutial in todays mortgage business.  Software updates and patches to prevent unauthorized data access and enhance security performance is only possible with a large and expensive IT department.  With Access Business Technologies all support hours, including after hours, has a response to your call within an hour, if not sooner. Rest assured we are SSAE18 Type II certified employees.



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Virtual Desktop

Add an additional layer of security while letting your workforce work from any device with an internet connection. No software to download, no anti-virus software to install. No more hardware conflicts, or having the wrong operating system with wrong version of software. Your users simply login through the ABT portal and access their virtual desktop environment. Local installed versions of applications like PointCentral, Encompass 360 and Byte Enterprise along with Microsoft Outlook and productivity applications are always available.

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