E-Mail Signatures

Centrally Managed E-Mail Signatures for the Mortgage Industry  



How It Works

SMART Email Signatures by ABT are fully integrated with Office 365 and are designed for the mortgage industry. To be compliant with the Safe Act, mortgage companies must ensure that every email that goes out to a borrower includes an NMLS number. While email signatures created using Outlook get attached to some emails they don’t get attached to emails that are sent from Outlook online or mobile devices. SMART Email Signatures ensures that every email leaving your company is consistently branded with your logo, apply now buttons, headshot photos etc.



Save Time with the Self-Service Portal 

Our Self-Service portal enables end users to upload headshot photos, enter contact information, NMLS numbers, and links to their social media accounts. Other fields are populated from the information already available from Office 365. The company administrator controls which fields can be updated by the end user. Enabling the end user to update their own email signature saves time and IT resources.

Complete Creative Control 

Work with the HTML designers at ABT to create your own signature from scratch. You have complete control over the design of your email signatures. We have several different templates to choose from for an out of the box solution. However, we don’t restrict you to using one specific template.


No Software to Install

This means there’s nothing you need to install or keep up to date. Use MortgageWorkSpace® straight from your web browser. No need to use any specific email client or app – just send emails as you usually do, from any device and SMART Email Signatures will include your beautiful signature.


Take Control of Branding

SMART Email Signatures allows you to create professional and consistent email signatures that include your company’s branding, NMLS numbers, and Apply Now buttons. Configure multiple email signature designs and apply them to suit specific company divisions and departments; or even individuals. Give specific individuals editing rights for signature designs and make them tamper-proof for everybody else. Keep your email branding consistent across all devices from the desktop to the iPhone and beyond.

Provide Borrowers with an Easy Way to Send Encrypted Documents

SMART Email Signatures includes a link enabling anyone to send encrypted documents to the signature’s owner. Our software scans the documents to make sure they’re not infectious and then sends an email notification to the recipient asking them to download the documents to their secure document storage location. Even if your company already has a secure document portal, DocumentGuardian® acts as an added layer of security. This is done by providing a non-tech savvy borrower with an easy alternative to send documents. No account registration or passwords are required.

Include Disclaimers 

SMART Email Signature allows you to specify an email disclaimer to be appended to all emails leaving your company. You can choose whether these disclaimers are added to internal or external emails – or both – and configure several different disclaimers to be automatically applied to emails from different departments. Insert disclaimers below the most recently typed text rather than at the bottom of the thread to ensure relevancy. Give specific individuals editing rights for your disclaimer and make them tamper-proof for everybody else.