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EmailGuardian is designed to protect your borrowers from down payment wire fraud

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Hackers are targeting small mortgage companies and Real Estate Agents because they typically lack email security. Once an email account is hacked, they can monitor the accounts for months. They will Identify which of your borrowers are in the loan process, the name of the title company and the closing date. From there it only takes one email from the loan officer, processor, closing agent or Real Estate agent and the borrower can easily be defrauded. Even if you’re not the one that typically send wire instructions the borrower will believe that it’s you who is asking them to make a change the routing number and to send the funds as soon as possible.

Watch a CNBC news report about mortgage companies who have been infiltrated.


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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is the most effective way to keep hackers from accessing your email account online. MFA adds a second layer of security so that if a hacker successfully acquires an employees password they will still be prevented from accessing the email system. Most states have already indicated that Multi-Factor Authentication is required. 


Outlook Message Encryption

Easily send encrypted email messages from Outlook or from the DocumentGuardian online portal. Easily add encrypted attachments as well. You can attach large files that would normally be too large to send through email. You can attach folders as well. Easily change the settings to to have messages or attachments expire on a certain date or after a certain number of downloads.

Secure File Send for Borrowers

EmailGuardian includes a DocumentGuardian file drop link to add to your email signature or website. Borrowers can easily send encrypted documents without needing an account. No username or password required. Just click a link, attach the documents and hit send. Documents are scanned to make sure they're not harmful and your employee is notified about the message via email.

Protection From Harmful Links and Attachments

Office 365 email has the ability to archive emails but this requires the end user or administrator to actually access the system and archive a certain time period. EmailGuardian provides automatic journaling which means every email coming in and going out of the system including attachments. EmailGuardian will keep a compliant archive for 7 years. EmailGuardian provides an integrated, secure and fully-indexed cloud archive that combines file and email data for improving searching. It provides tamper-resistant chains of custody to support data governance and resilience. EmailGuardian provides comprehensive search, e-discovery and compliance support.