The Secure Way For Borrowers to Send You Documents

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Don't Let Your Borrowers Send Non-Public Information Through Email

Let ABT add a DocumentGuardian® link in your email signature. Borrowers love it because it's super easy to use. Compliance officers and auditors love it because prevents your company from receiving Non-Public Information in unsecured email accounts. Loan Officers love it because their borrower complain about sending personal documents via email. 


  • Borrowers don't need an account or a password
  • Only safe file attachments are allowed to be transmitted
  • 256-Bit Encryption in transit and at rest
  • Send encrypted messages directly from Outlook

Outlook Message Encryption

With DocumentGuardian®, sending encrypted messages from Outlook can also be as easy as one click. Use the secure tool within Outlook to keep passwords and other sensitive information safe. Unsecured emails can be intercepted and if they are not encrypted your data stands no chance against being compromised.

Send Large Files

Outlook’s max single file size is 20 MB, and if you’re trying to send a lot of data at once you need some breathing room. With DocumentGuardian®, you can send files up to 100 MB and bypass this limit. You can also use DocumentGuardian® to send large amounts of files at once, simply drag and drop or select from a folder to upload.

Audits Made Easy

Compliance standards dictate that files are not to be directly emailed, and that they must be secured and encrypted. With every email you send, you are reminding borrowers to keep their NPI safe and use DocumentGuardian® to deliver their sensitive documents to you. Auditors will take note this information security notice attached to your signature with every email.

Ease of Use 

One of the most user-friendly functions of DocumentGuardian® is its ability for borrowers to upload documents without needing to sign up for the service themselves. Once a link to your account is in the signature, they can click the link and immediately start uploading their documents. Then, your users receive a notification email to log into their portal. After logging in, they can review their DocumentGuardian® inbox, and download their pending documents.