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Minimizing Your Exposure to Mortgage Servicing Risk

In the September 2013 issue of "Servicing Management" magazine, an article was posted called; "Decreasing The Cost Of Servicing Timelines With Technology" by Chris Michaels
The "opening line" for this article states; "Servicers that haven't deployed technology to speed the servicing pipeline are at greater risk for losses and non-compliance."
When I read this article, I was intrigued. It touched on the messages I have been voicing to prospects for years. While Chris Michaels was writing this from a default perspective.  I look at it from an overall "savings from technology" perspective.  Todays servicers must have flexibility in personal deployment and the processes they follow must be compliant. "Everything a servicer does and every decision that it makes can be open to scrutiny", Chris mentions in his article.
While I agree with the need to have a complete software suite, I am taking the liberity to interpret the message as; "a servicer needs to consider the whole mortgage platform as well.
  • Can the software be safely and quickly deployed?
  • Is the user applying the software updates quickly to ensure compliance?
  • Is the system (software and equipment infrastructure) compliant with current banking regulations?
  • Is your mortgage department ready for an audit?  Is your mortgage technology testing and certifications current?
  • Consider the entire servicing process from origination through servicing, Including feeding the core system.  Interfaces can provide solid data flow through these unique systems.  Eliminate hand-keying mistakes and speeding up the loan process.
  • Are all of your control points in place and actively managed.  Is the system environment and client data safe from others?
  • Does the entire system work together? or are you still using excel to complete the process.
ABT was created in 1999, to host and deliver Interlinq Servicing Software (now known as Harland FS's "Servicing Director"). Over the years we have actively refined our hosting processes, building a compliant infrastructure that continues to us the latest technology. Not only for servicing software but origination as well.  Our secure repeatable processes, provide our clients with a fast and secure user experience, allowing them to concentrate on their clients, rather than "running" the technology.
The last few years have been especially active, compliance wise.  Utilizing our technology strengths, "Enterprise Class" data centers and our secure PowerCore delivery platform.  Financial institutions across the country take comfort in the fact that ABT is there to help them operate their mortgage software in the most efficient , cost effective and compliant way possible.
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ABT Attends Harland's User Conference 2011

Access Business Technologies was again invited to exhibit at Harland's User Conference "Connections 2011", held at the Gaylord National at National Harbor,Gaylord National MD.  

At the conference's opening session Harland representatives mentioned they had a substantial increase in attendees over the year before.  I would say that was accurate judging by the amount of people stopping by our booth.  We presented our latest offerings in internet delivered, mortgage solutions:

PowerCore 3.0 Beta was shown.  This latest version of ABT's delivery software allows users to safely access their hosted software residning in our secure data centers.  It provides the ultimate in user convience including multi-screen viewing and solid printer access.IMG 0326 smallest

ABT's core hosted Harland product for the last 11 years has been "ServicingDirector" mortgage loan servicing software.  We have been providing Credit Unions and Banks this fully hosted mortgage servicing platform for years.  To this we have added hosting for Harland's E3 product as well. This mortgage loan origination software system was built years ago to allow users an integrated mortgage solution.  These two products move a mortgage loan from origionation all the way through servicing.  ABT has been approached by several current users who have asked us to analyze this product and include it in ABT's hosted solutions.  

ABT's own PowerCore Due Diligence Software was being shown as well.  This new and unique "Web Based" product is the latest due diligence product available.  It is currently being used by institutions to perform and identify inaccuracies within loan portfolios.

We appreciate the opportunity to meet our current clients at this event and introduce ABT to new folks who are looking for the solutions we offer for managingdescribe the image their mortgage software. We hope all of the attendees had as great time as we did.  To the winner of the personal video recorder we gave away, have fun
capturing memories.

See you next year,


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