Office 365 with DocumentGuardian®

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Upgrade Your Office to The Secure Mortgage Platform

Office 365 with DocumentGuardian provides a cloud-based, secure, and accessible platform for a suite of Microsoft’s most powerful applications and security tools. With our secure messaging service, DocumentGuardian, you will have an effective work space with great inter-connectivity.

DocumentGuardian is a secure, yet simple option for encrypting and transferring documents that your borrowers will love. Just follow a link from your signature and drop in the documents.This content is scanned for viruses before it reaches you, allowing for peace of mind when opening these items. Users can even utilize a quick two-click message encryption within their Outlook as a method for sending secure messages.

Account security has never been more important. Phishing attacks are becoming the preferred method for hackers to gain access to accounts due to its simplistic, yet efficient nature. Once the information has been compromised, unprotected accounts don’t stand a chance. This service becomes the barrier that keeps you protected.

Stop Hackers Before It's Too Late

Hackers will "set up shop" in compromised accounts, often setting custom rules hiding their actives. They can access accounts from anywhere in the world without proper authentication and quickly get to work stealing information and spreading malicious links. In most cases, users find themselves still able to log into their emails but notice them missing, or not coming in properly. In some cases, they aren't even aware until multiple borrowers or coworkers respond to the phishing email now coming from their account. Hackers will also analyze the data and ongoing transactions, timing emails with links to borrowers expecting to wire transfer their down payment or other large sums. However, they insert false links and are quick to act on taking the funds from fraudulent accounts before actions can be taken to stop them. Legal action and reputations can be saved by securing your accounts. 

Multi-Factor Authentication 

Not only will you have access to Office Suite Applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, SharePoint, and OneDrive (among others), you will be able to configure enhanced security for your user’s accounts by utilizing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). MFA allows your users to literally put the security of their accounts into their hands by authenticating sign-ins using their mobile device. Don’t recognize the sign-in request? Don’t approve and access is not granted to potential hackers.

Cloud Access

Cloud-based solutions mean connections. Utilizing the online Office Portal, you can access your suite applications from anything with a browser. With web-based versions of applications, you can check up on important shared documents in SharePoint, create notes on the go with OneNote on your mobile device and later access them on your desktop, or even check your email without needing to install the Outlook application. Wherever you go, Office will be there.

Security and Compliance 

Build trust with your borrowers and compliance auditors.  Add the ABT security Icon in your email signature that links to our website explaining all of the precautions you take with their sensitive information. MortgageWorkSpace provides cutting edge security for your staff, borrowers and devices. Our SSAE 16 TYPE II Certification gives your borrowers and your investors peace of mind. We provide data security for over 500 mortgage companies nationwide. We work directly with state and federal auditors to ensure our clients are 100% compliant with new mortgage banking standards and the safeguards rule.

Prevents E-mail Impersonation

Hackers are targeting mortgage companies now more than ever, and with reports of account compromises on the rise it's important to take preventative action. Most successful phishing attacks go unnoticed until it's too late. MFA is becoming a standard, and for good reason. It is one of the best defenses against stolen account information. 


DocumentGuardian allows for users to seamlessly integrate a secure file transfer system into their arsenal. This system is easily accessible through a single click to a link in the signature. From there, potential clients can transfer data (up to 150mb) at a time, without needing to attach them to an email with the potential of being intercepted or otherwise compromised.