Microsoft Phone System

Make clear, reliable calls with Microsoft Phone System in Office 365


Plan and set up the Phone System in Office 365

Set up Phone System in the way that best suits your business

The Phone System in Office 365 add-on gives you PBX capabilities, but without the complicated and expensive equipment. With the Phone System add-on, you can complete basic tasks such as making and receiving calls, transferring calls, and muting or unmuting calls, from nearly anywhere with Internet access. It's available worldwide!

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Direct Routing

Direct Routing allows your company to choose who provides voice lines to Office 365. With a global reach, customers can select providers based on where telephony services are needed.

Calling Plan

With Calling Plan, you get an easy way to give your employees full calling capabilities. This is great for customers who want the simplest possible voice management for their users.


Desk and Conference Phones 

Microsoft Phone Systems delivers reliable and high-quality voice and video to ensure you are seen and heard.  Join calls and participate in audio conferences with the phone system that supports increased collaboration and productivity. 


Work Faster, Anywhere, & Confidently

Work faster by starting meetings and calls with just one touch. Work anywhere and confidently with consistent high-quality video and audio. 

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