Ensure compliance with each email you send
Streamline your branding with consistent signatures
Easy company-wide updates with MWS Portal

Take control of your company's branding

Centrally manage your employee's email signatures to ensure compliance and consistency

We Create the Design, You Manage the Content

Save time and IT resources with our self-service content portal. Easily update headshot photos, contact information, NMLS numbers, and application links without assistance from a designer.

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Fully integrated signatures with Microsoft 365

SMART Email Signatures ensures that every email leaving your company is consistently branded with your logo, apply now buttons, headshot photos, and up-to-date info from your M365 tenancy.

Secure file sharing with DocumentGuardian

Ensure compliance with the simplest way for borrowers and 
lenders  to transfer secure documents right in your email signature.


Talk to an Expert
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Getting started with SMART Email Signatures is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Meet with our content designer to create your branded email signature.
We create a dynamic HTML design including your contact info from Office 365
Your new email signature is added to all emails from all devices
Our email signature is the best marketing tool we have! It helps us keep our name out there and makes us look professional. It has a great ROI!
Johnny Newberg
Chase Frank Bank


Learn more about SMART Email Signatures:

Learn more about SMART Email Signatures: