Protect with Comprehensive, Multi-Layered Email Security & Content Controls

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EmailGuardian™ uses sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and intelligence to protect email data and employees from malware, spam, advanced threats and zero-day attacks. With over 18,000 customers, EmailGuardian™'s threat intelligence and adaptive network are constantly improving defenses to eliminate new and advanced threats. Contain spear-phishing attempts by reviewing every URL for threats and make sure spam and malware don’t reach your network.

The majority of organizations have no solution for preventing data leakage. With EmailGuardian™, policies are set centrally and employee applications secure data so organizations don't risk compliance and policy violations whether in an on-premises, cloud or hybrid environment.


    • Security breach protection
    • No Email downtime
    • Email Encryption
    • Data Leakage Prevention
    • Archiving Vs. Journaling


With EmailGuardian Secure Messaging, data never leaves our secure cloud – making it possible to send protected messages even when TLS encryption isn’t an option. Individuals can initiate Secure Messaging directly in Microsoft Outlook for Windows to specify controls, such as whether an email can be forwarded or printed, or when read privileges expire. Policies can be configured to be applied directly at the gateway. All these controls are simple for employees to use and most importantly stop the use of unapproved applications. Mimecast makes it easy for employees to follow corporate security policies and for administrators to enforce them and monitor email compliance.

Regulators require email be protected from being intercepted as it passes through the internet. It's not good enough to ask your employees to choose the encryption option before sending NPI (Non public information.) ABT provides rules based encryption so that if an employee tries to send an email with a certain sequence of hashes or dashes such as a social security number or credit card number it automatically encrypts. 

Data Leakage Prevention 

ABT's EmailGuardian protects your valuable data from being sent outside of your organization to rogue employees or competitors. EmailGuardian scans content for specific keywords, pattern matching and attachments. Suspect emails can be blocked and quarantined for review by the administrator.

Email Downtime

Every system experiences downtime, especially highly complex multi-tenant systems that are frequently updated.  ABT's email guardian solution guarantees a 100% uptime because its replicated in 5 locations across the US. If one system fails it will automatically fall over to a redundant system. Even if Microsofts entire system goes down you will still have access to your email. We mitigate the risks to your Office 365 email system. 

Archiving vs Journaling

Office 365 email has the ability to archive emails but this requires the end user or administrator to actually access the system and archive a certain time period. EmailGuardian provides automatic journaling which means every email coming in and going out of the system including attachments. EmailGuardian will keep a compliant archive for 7 years. EmailGuardian provides an integrated, secure and fully-indexed cloud archive that combines file and email data for improving searching. It provides tamper-resistant chains of custody to support data governance and resilience. EmailGuardian provides comprehensive search, e-discovery and compliance support.

Central Administrative Control for all Security Polices

Global and finely-tuned policies are easy to set with EmailGuardian’s integrated Secure Email Gateway. Our advanced Message Transfer Agent (MTA) tools in the cloud provide a level of control that administrators need.