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Working Together: ABT's Partnerships in the Mortgage Industry

partnerships-in-the-mortgage-industry.jpgNo business can exist in a vacuum. The success of any business relies on the cooperation of dedicated professionals, both within and without. Today we're going to look at some of ABT's partnerships in the mortgage industry and the ways in which those partnerships have helped make ABT, and the mortgage industry at large, better.

1. BNTouch

As the makers of True Mortgage CRM, BNTouch provides mortgage lenders around the globe with the customer service tools to respond swiftly and accurately to urgent needs. Here at ABT, we have, for years, enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership between our sales team and theirs.

2. Calyx Software

Calyx specializes in creating custom software solutions for mortgage companies, designed to see lenders through the entire lending process. Our partnership with Calyx began well over a decade ago, in 2002, when Calyx discovered they needed a better, more reliable hosting partner. Upon visiting our data center and speaking to us at length, Calyx decided to turn to ABT for their online presence, and they have stayed with us ever since.

3. Cimarron Software

Another top-notch CRM, Cimarron Mortgage Manager gives mortgage providers a low-cost, total customer service solution. For many years, our sales teams have enjoyed our ongoing partnership with Cimarron.

4. ComplianceEase

ComplianceEase offers information and apps to train mortgage professionals, check loans for compliance, and create extensive reports on current and potential loans. We are proud to partner with ComplianceEase by creating and supporting a joint MortgageExchange project to feed their Compliance engine.

5. DocMagic and Docutech

The mortgage process requires a lot of paperwork, and these two partners offer solutions to get the correct paperwork for the job. Through the course of these two partnerships, we have helped establish a connection between the origination platform and the document platform, and between new loans and the paperwork needed to complete them.

6. Ellie Mae

One of the mainstays of the mortgage industry in the United States, Ellie Mae likely requires no introduction, processing approximately a quarter of all U.S. mortgages via their proprietary applications. For many years, we have been the proud hosting provider for Ellie Mae's core Encompass compliance security application, for both its server and its client software.

7. D+H

Another provider of end-to-end mortgage services, D+H specializes in the financial side of financing. Our partnership with D+H will center on their use of software dedicated to streamlining payments and related services. In particular, we have for years worked with Interlinq loan service software and with Ultradata software for credit unions, both recent software acquisitions by D+H.

8. Microsoft

Another partner that likely requires no introduction, Microsoft is a staple of the business world, providing network infrastructure options and support around the globe. We have maintained a Gold Partnership with Microsoft for many years now, as well as a Cloud Services Partnership. As a Microsoft partner, we have access to the technology and professionals that are key to driving the future of IT service within the mortgage industry and beyond.

9. Cenlar and Dovenmuehle

Often working behind the scenes of the loan process, lending service providers form the backbone that hold the industry together with expertise and professionalism. We are proud to work closely with service providers like Cenlar and Dovenmuehle to get mortgage providers the assistance they need throughout the lending process.

10. Byte Software

Loan origination security compliance is a challenge for all mortgage providers. Loan origination software solutions, like those provided by Byte, give lenders the streamlined security of getting the correct paperwork completed in-line with existing government regulations. In our relationship with loan origination platforms like Byte, we help to exchange ideas, solutions, and support crucial to the mortgage industry as a whole.

No man is an island, and neither is any business. This list of business partners is far from complete, but it does give a general idea of the work we do and the people who help us get it done.

Are you a player in the mortgage industry looking for a new business partner? Do you have questions about how ABT can help you? Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how we might work together to better serve mortgage professionals.

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