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Information Security For Mortgage Companies: The Cloud Is Absolute


Information security for mortgage companies used to be simple. As long as your employees didn't take vital client information out of the building, it was secure. With every increase in technology over the past few decades, it's become more and more difficult to ensure complete information security within your business--and that means that your clients are at risk for fraud and identity theft. That's why your mortgage company needs a dedicated IT force focused on security to keep the vital information contained within your database as safe as possible.

Convinced that your current information security plan is more than enough to keep all of that valuable data safe? Consider this: each year, about 10 percent of users lose their laptop computers. That means that one in every ten of your employees with access to a laptop computer that isn't restricted to company grounds has the potential to lose that information--or accidentally deliver it to someone who knows that passwords aren't enough to keep them out of that information.

Instead of keeping vital information stored on a hard drive that's easily accessible to anyone who gets their hands on it, what about securing that information in a cloud that's less easy to access and much harder to lose? You need an IT company that can handle supporting all of your users no matter where they might go--a cloud "fortress" that can provide your clients with the security they need to know that their information is protected.

Access Business Technologies is dedicated to keeping your information safe from new threats even before they arise. According to this source, many attacks aren't even created based on new glitches in an existing system. The attacks are being developed by hackers who aware of technology glitches more than a decade old that simply haven't been patched yet. Preventing attacks from these sources requires a security team looking over your system, remaining aware of the ways in which breaches can occur. Because we're dedicated to providing protection for mortgage companies specifically, we're more familiar with the potential openings in your system than any hacker will ever be, and we'll work to close those openings before they become a problem.

Access Business Technologies is even prepared to offer security with regards to your third party contacts. According to several different sources who are predicting the greatest IT threats of 2015, third-party attacks are becoming increasingly common. Anyone who does business with your mortgage company becomes a potential threat--not because they're dishonest, but because their system might not be as secure as yours.

If you aren't prepared for the possibility of that attack, you put your customers at risk as much as if your own system was breached. A dedicated security team--ideally one that is outsourced and concerned solely with handling your IT needs--is more vital than ever before. Access Business Technologies is aware of the rise in third-party threats, and our cloud protections are absolute: even if your third-party contacts aren't protected, your information will be.

Are you looking for an IT delivery platform customized for your mortgage company's needs? With the MortgageWorkSpace IT delivery platform, you can rest assured that your company is receiving all the security it needs. Ready to get started? Please contact us today to see why we have a 97 percent satisfaction rate from our clients.


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