SMART E-Mail Signatures

Centrally Managed E-Mail Signatures for the Mortgage Industry  


How It Works

SMART E-Mail Signatures are linked to your email accounts within the Microsoft cloud. Smart E-mail Signature pulls the most current and relevant data from your Microsoft Office Account and applies it seamlessly. Smart E-mail Signature is a cloud-based software that integrates with the Microsoft cloud. It is built to work any place that you can send emails from. Every e-mail you send goes through the signature application tool before being sent. This ensures that your signatures are kept up to date and maintain your quality standards.

The cloud-based functionality of the Smart E-mail Signature allows for ease of use. Once a template is applied and assigned to a user, the signature will pull information and fill in fields. There is no need for a client to be installed to implement the signature; it’s all within the same environment as your email itself. This allows emails to be sent from any device while still applying your signature. No more “sent from my mobile”, just high quality signatures.


Consistency In Branding

E-mail branding gives you many opportunities to create a powerful first impression.  You can include any company information you need onto a user’s signature, including a required NMLS number. This allows for easier contact by potential clients while using an eye-catching method that puts your company’s name in front of it all. Even our DocumentGuardian® service can be applied to your signature effortlessly and displayed as a graphic with a link to start sending documents securely.

Different departments and divisions, even individual users sometimes need their own signatures. With Smart E-mail Signatures, you can assign specific signatures to any of these different parties. After a template has been created and decided on, you can start assigning it to any of your users.

Smart E-mail signatures can also be automated to change with your needs. Let’s say there is a marketing campaign or a special promotion going on with your company, even just one for the holidays. Work with us to design your ideal signature for any event and have it deployed automatically when the time comes.

Self-Service Tools to Change What You Need

Changing signature information is a necessary action. Your signature needs to be able to change quickly, whether it’s a new phone number, a missing NMLS number, or a new title. With a self-service portal, users can easily edit information to reflect what they need clients to know. However, permissions can be set to keep the right information from being changed to wrong. Being able to change aspects of their signatures can save your company the trouble of needing IT administrators to check on and change these discrepancies for your users, freeing them up to solve more pressing issues and saving money in the process.

Employee Management

On-boarding and off-boarding staff is easy. In an industry where employee management is notoriously complicated, handling NMLS numbers through automation instead of person-to-person saves time and headaches.


Compliance is easy when the parameters of the signature are centrally controlled.  With this type of software, employees have the ability to personalize their signature without risking policy violations.

Make Your Mark

E-mail signatures are one of the first impressions you leave on clients, as well as your peers. Having a signature that signifies professionalism can make the difference between whether someone chooses you over a competitor. A professionally managed signature, customized just for your company, will make you stand out from the crowd.