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Your Mortgage Office in the Cloud

At ABT, we understand the unique security, regulatory, and data challenges facing your business. We designed our solutions to exceed current security requirements, comply with banking standards, and make the mortgage process easier than ever for your employees and customers.

With ABT and MortgageWorkSpace®, your company can

  • Maintain compliance with constantly changing data and security regulations. ABT works directly with federal and state auditors to ensure our customers are 100% compliant with new banking standards and the Safeguards Rule.
  • Enjoy on-the-go productivity with Microsoft Office 365 and worry-free management of your environment, because it is fully deployed, managed, and supported by ABT.
  • Deliver a borrower-focused, convenient mortgage experience that protects your borrowers’ non-public information.
  • Efficiently manage your mortgage business with customized, integrated applications that meet your specific systems requirements.
  • Multi factor Authenticaion and single sign on
  • Rich features like security reports, audits, and alerts

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Move your mortgage business to the cloud and never worry about technology and security again.

ABT’s innovative, cloud-based portal, MortgageWorkSpace®, delivers cutting-edge security alongside unmatched productivity for your employees and convenience for your borrowers—on any device, in any location.

Our easy to use interface empowers your workforce with security and flexibility, protects sensitive data from breaches or hackers, and streamlines the entire loan process so you can deliver more loans to your customers.

MortgageWorkSpace® is a cloud work space platform built specifically for mortgage professionals. MortgageWorkSpace® hosts all the software applications and data you need to run your mortgage business anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Empowers your mortgage professionals by providing access to all their software applications and data consistently across all devices.  Provide your team with a single web portal to launch your Loan Origination Software, Manage Documents and use their favorite apps in a protected environment.

Where here Chaos meets order. MortgageWorkSpace® is where mobility and productivity meet compliance and security: automatically securing and backing up all your files and updating all your software, while providing you with 24 hour 7 days a week technical support.  

Define your cloud MortgageWorkSpace® and embrace the cloud today. Provide your mortgage professionals the IT experience they desire while giving your mortgage business the control and agility you need to stay competitive, compliant and secure.

gears.gif      Streamlined Technology Helps you Close More Loans


Your software is installed in our Enterprise Class Data Center configured for peak performance on our ultra-powerful Intel server platform using the latest Intel processors. This prevents slow performance, error messages and downtime. We perform software updates, service packs and patches ahead of time in our separate environment to eliminate any glitches or issues.


  • You can keep your current software programs and email provider (or we can provide email).
  • You can access MortgageWorkSpace® from a smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC.
  • Our live in-house tech support is available 24/7 and has a 97% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Easily create additional users and grow your workforce.

lock-2.gif     Security and Compliance


Build trust with your borrowers and compliance auditors.  Add the ABT security Icon in your email signature that links to our website explaining all of the precautions you take with their sensitive information. MortgageWorkSpace provides cutting edge security for your staff, borrowers and devices. Our SSAE 16 TYPE II Certification gives your borrowers and your investors peace of mind. We provide data security for over 500 mortgage companies nationwide. We work directly with state and federal auditors to ensure our clients are 100% compliant with new mortgage banking standards and the safeguards rule.

  • Build Trust with Your Clients
  • Add the ABT Security Icon to email signatures
  • Your organization receives a written information security policy from ABT
  • Prevent data breaches, costly litigation and disclosure issues
  • Disaster Recovery in case of a natural disaster

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email.gif Email Encryption and Integration


MortgageWorkSpace users can keep their current email provider and integrate it with our security module to ensure email is always up and running and can be sent from any device while adhering to strict banking standard protocols. We’ve partnered with Microsoft to offer seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365. EmailGuardian


  • Emails and attachments are archived for 7 years
  • Outlook Plugin makes encryption easy and convenient
  • Email Signature builder to easily upload consistent branding, N.M.L.S. numbers, photos, social media links and certifications
  • Consistent Email Signatures go out with every email regardless of which device is used to send it


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Document.gif        Easy and Compliant Document Management


MortgageWorkSpace® makes it easy to store your documents on the cloud in a secure way. Our built in DocumentGuardian provides end to end security. Unlike box type file sharing apps our DocumentGuardian™ stores copies in the cloud, not on individual computers and mobile devices. Your clients never have to email sensitive documents again. MortgageWorkSpace® users simply email a link to their own secure file drop. Clients simply drag and drop documents without registering or creating passwords. Files are dropped directly to your virtual folder on the cloud. Your clients will love it.


  • Provide your clients with a secure file drop
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Create custom folder access permissions
  • All files are Virus Scanned when uploaded and deleted if found to be infected
  • All files are transferred with Strong SSL 256 bit encryption

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device.gif       Control Your Workforce


Once devices are enrolled they are protected from viruses and malware. Users cannot access harmful websites or download harmful software. Devices are protected from hackers and security breaches. Easily control password resets, device lock, and full wipe to protect lost or stolen devices. Simplify administration by automatically deploying security settings on devices. Keep an inventory of all devices used in your environment and know what times they were logged on.


  • Access reports showing user account logs, activities and device usage
  • Easily lockout users and wipe hard drives
  • Easily bring on and train new employees with a consistent desktop
  • Device Inventory Management System


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