Cloud Desktop

Access your desktop anywhere, anytime, from any device


ABT has the Experience to keep your Company Productive

MortgageWorkSpace Cloud Desktop is designed specifically for Mortgage Professionals and managed by ABT. We host PointCentral, Encompass 360, Byte and more. Our Cloud Desktop includes the latest versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, and Adobe Reader. The Cloud Desktop provides an easy to use document storage solution enabling users to work out of shared folders and admins the ability to grant access based on roles and permission levels.

When your company’s data is spread across multiple locations and multiple devices security is a constant concern. Stop exposing your business to data loss risk, theft, cyberattack or a compliance violation. With MortgageWorkSpace Cloud Desktop your IT is shifted to a centralized architecture that lowers capital and operating expenses, increases flexibility and improves security.

While many companies have struggled to maintain complex loan origination systems in virtual environments ABT’s strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Ellie Mae, Calyx Software, Byte Software and others enable us to keep your running at peak performance. We manage and configure mortgage software better than anyone.

Choose Between Remote Apps or a Remote Desktop

Desktops: Give your users a full desktop experience with a variety of applications that all work together. We install and manage your applications, so you don’t have to. Ideal for users who need to work entirely in virtualized environment. We can deploy different apps to different users depending on their role at the company. Compatible with 1-4 monitors with no extra configuration required.

RemoteApps: Specify individual applications that are hosted/run on the virtualized machine but appear as if they’re running on the user’s desktop like local applications. The apps have their own taskbar entry and can be resized and moved across monitors. Ideal for deploying and managing key applications in the secure, remote environment while allowing users to work from and customize their own desktops. Compatible with 1-4 monitors with no extra configuration required.

Lower Costs

Mortgage companies need to be more strategic and mobile.  With Cloud Desktop you only pay for the users you have now. Your cost scales up or down with the size of your workforce. IT professionals must do more with less. To lower expenses and capital outlay IT must be able to support users with fewer staff. Alternative strategies like working remotely, virtual offices and “Bring Your Own Device” can save on office space, overhead and hardware expenses. You don’t have to buy new computers as often because we keep apps and operating systems up to date in our centralized data center.

Increase your Security and Lower Risk

Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. The desktop is accessed through which acts as a security gateway by requiring users to complete 2 forms of authentication (MFA). You can limit user access by IP address for an additional layer of security. Safely browse the web with a built in Web Proxy which automatically protects you from millions of harmful URL’s while giving you the ability to white list and black list websites to meet your company’s regulations.

Delivering Desktops is Easier than Ever Before

Quickly deploy desktops to hundreds of users. Eliminate the confusion of managing OS versions and patches. Have new desktop available on demand. Eliminate the need for prior planning when hiring new employees. They can access their own virtual desktop with all the tools they need from any device. Deploying Cloud Desktops eliminates hours of setup for each new employee.

Increase Productivity

Employees own several different devices but need a high-quality Windows Desktop experience to get their work done. Mortgage companies who can meet these requirements will have employees who produce more. Enabling employees to use their own device is not an easy strategy. Installing and maintaining software on different devices with different operating systems is complex and time consuming. When there are problems with software applications employees are stuck long remote session with IT wasting their time and your support team resources.

Storing Documents in the Cloud

Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Google Drive are great solutions when properly managed and configured for the mortgage industry, but if they are not users can easily put copies of documents on their laptop, mobile device and desktop. MortgageWorkSpace Cloud Desktop with an optional file server for sharing documents keeps documents in a secure data center, not on local devices. Users can store documents in their My Documents folder or access files and folders in their built-in file server. When teams collaborate on documents they always have access to the latest version. The administrator can grant access to users based on their role at the company. You always have option to sync files between you Cloud Desktop and your Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or Google Drive account.

Deploy Apps and Credentials Faster

Single Sign on with Office 365

Save on Maintenance

Scanning and Printing is Easy