About Access Business Technologies

Who We Are

We're Your Access to Business Technologies (ABT)


Protecting and managing your mortgage work force in the cloud!

Access Business Technologies' s (ABT) provides a flexible cloud work space (MortgageWorkSpace®) that supports and protects mortgage professionals and their customers throughout the entire mortgage process.

We provide access to business technologies that empower mortgage professionals to safely perform at the top of their game anytime, anywhere. ABT proactively supports, defends and manages game-changing technologies and processes that help mortgage professionals excel.

We are a certified SSAE 18 Type II cloud solution provider (CSP) to over 500 mortgage financial institutions (Banks, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Companies).

We are partnered with nearly a dozen leading mortgage software vendors (Calyx, Ellie Mae, Dovenmuehle, etc.) integrating our cloud suite of products with the best mortgage software in the world empowers your workforce to produce more quality loans safely anywhere anytime.

Benefits from using ABT:

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition
  • Benefit from Partnerships with All Major Mortgage Software Companies
  • Run with The Largest Mortgage Cloud Provider in The US
  • Scale Up Branches Quickly and Efficiently
  • Learn How to Maximize Productivity, Compliance and Security
  • Leverage 17 Years Specializing in Mortgage Technology
  • Solve Your Toughest Technology Problems
  • Access Industry Leading 24/7 Live Tech Support


Our Clients

Representing the Finest in the Mortgage Industry

We work with clients of all sizes including mortgage companies, billion dollar financial institutions, mortgage bankers, banks, and credit unions across the country. We’re proud to say that our clients process billions of dollars of loans yearly through our cloud solution.

ABT offers on-demand mortgage solutions that provide our clients with:

  • Increased overall efficiency
  • Improved customer service
  • Dramatically lowered costs
  • Increased value
  • Scalable environments
  • Streamlined implementation
  • Expert technical support

Our clients are our most important partners. As strategists, they recognize that their success depends on how they collaborate with their partners and process business internally. The solutions our clients want are the applications we host and integrate.  Our clients recognize that ABT doesn’t promote one mortgage application over another but rather provides high-quality hosting and integration solutions for all partners.  

Our clients are the innovators and early adopters of our integrated SaaS model.  Today, we’re watching as more conservative-minded enterprises turn to the SaaS model for its immense value and widespread acceptance.  So as our client base continues to expand, we welcome the business of new mortgage application providers.  Some of our most recent clients are best-in-class providers who are setting the bar in the respective industries, and ABT is proud they have chosen us to help them get there.